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Wdmcrg Race Photo's 2004

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The final race for the year has now been run. This also coincides with the first official race at the new venue at Bo's House.


The design of the track is similar but some longer radius curves to fit the wider and longer race area mean a longer lap length. Lap times are similar however due to the faster corners and dead flat track surface. No more bouncing through the final corner on the yellow lane.


We were a bit short on numbers for the last round but luckily we have a new runner with Charlie's son Chris turning up to race. Like most 16 year olds he was quick to learn but we don't expect to see him once he has his drivers license.


The classes run were Ninco Classics, The Scalextric F1 cars with Button magnet only and Open Pre 1990 Sports Cars and Sport Sedans.


With only eight runners for the first two classes we ran longer three minute heats and five minutes for the final Open Sports/Sports Sedan class. These proved more fun for most of us as you could really get in the groove and put in some consistent runs.


The results for the Ninco classics were as per normal with Joe /Jag XK120 first with 91.85 laps from Jamie /JagXK120 very close behind with 91.70 laps and myself Airfix E type with 89.15 laps.



The boys getting ready to race. Cameron Travolta arrived from his birthday dinner in time for the last race.



McLaren had a new guest driver for this round with Chris going quite well. Here he is showing Dad/Charlie the fast way through the hairpin.



A distance shot shows the SCX tyre barries which saved more than one cars front end from severe damage. Except Joe's Renault which found the side of my Mclaren tougher than his front wing. I had a shocker with the F1's and spent too much time sideways across the path of follwing cars. Still couldn't get rid of my McLaren though.



Devious Dave's Ferrari repaint which finished a fine third on the night and third overall. If not for the nail through the foot before round three Dave would most likely have won the series.



Chris's Slotit Canon Porsche.



Bo and Chris mixing it up.



Joe with his SCX Audi 90 GTO and Cameron guest driving Bo's Fly Racing Capri a blur leading onto the main straight.



Jamie with the winning Porsche 956 leading Cameron onto the main straight.



Cameron and Joe agian.



The field. Jamie won the Pre 90 Open Sports Prototype class with the Stars and stripes Porsche 956 with 165.95 laps from myself with the Canon 956 with 164.5 laps and Bo Kenwood 956 with 160.95 laps.


The Sport Sedan class was won by Dave with the SCX Audi 90 and NC6 Crusher motor 154.1 Crushing Joe with SCX Audi 90 153.8 laps and Cameron Fly Capri with 148.2 laps.


The Sport class was won by Charlie with his Fly Lancia with Slotit power 142.85 laps and Al second with Fly Capri and Lancia with 138.3 laps.


A great end to the season but the weather put a few off turning up. Thanks to Al for your time hosting the series and thanks to Bo and Joe for setting up a great track so quickly. We should see a few changes for next year with some classes such as Ninco classics being opened up to more cars. Bo has been busy and found Carrera and Monogram classic cars run very similar to Ninco classics with the addition of an NC1 engine and some Ninco tyres.


We look forward to racing in the new year.

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I hope you all had a great night. Now you can all sit back and relax until the next season ....


I wish you guys a safe Christmas and 2005.


Jo :D

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As always great comments and pics. At least this time there was no pictures of one of my cars airborn managed to keep it on the track most of the time



Great work



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