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Trans Am & 934 Porsche Cup

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#1 Vinno

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Posted 27 November 2004 - 07:50 AM

We had a small race last night at the new Colyton raceway.

Seven of us raced the new Ninco Porsche 934's with one being another of Devious Daves great repaints. We ran three lanes only as the lenght of the track requires four marshalls.

The Ninco suspension means the cars spend most of their time with the inside wheels off the deck. We are running NC1 engines with no magnets which means even racing but surprising speed due to the tall diameter of the wheels.

Posted Image
Some of the Porsches run last night. Notice Devious Daves repainted LeMans version. The road car didn't run.

Posted Image
Bo looking pleased with his wheel hoisting antics. Bo won the Porsche races overall but he has been running hois Porsches with NC1's since they were introduced. He kicked our butts.

Posted Image
The Trans Am field with two of Daves repaints being the 78 and 6 Camaros. Bo drove his Smokey Unik car. Joe won Trans Ams with the no 6 car.

Posted Image

Posted Image
Bo and Bump haveing some fun mixing it up.

Posted Image

I will put up the full results when I remeber to bring them home.

It was a fun night and good to see Glenn back temporarily from the land of the rising sun. Looks like we will have two new catagories to run for next season.


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Posted 27 November 2004 - 09:07 AM

The first Ninco Porsche Pro shock Cup was very close racing and a good test for the new track lay out and the new painted surface which made it easyer to see dark coloured cars. Here are the results of the races run last night.
We ran two minute heats on three lanes only.



I will post the results of the Trans Am race later

Regards Bo :)

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Posted 27 November 2004 - 04:35 PM

Geez, even the practice runs to test a new track are getting formal when you post results :) Wherever two or more slot racers gather, a race is bound to happen!

The 934's with NC-1's and without magnets were a blast to run. They definitely demand a different style of driving as they squat the rear end very protoypically and do lift the rear insides when pushed. Many of the cars had not turned a wheel until last night so it was good to see remarkably even and reliable performance once we got the hang of them. Bo's seemed well run-in though......

We found two of them had sticking shocks. Vinno found his JagerMeister had the problem before the race whereas mine occassionally would lock up during the race. Vinno will post a note on what to look for and fix soon ('cause I'm heading off again -- thanks Vinno !!! :unsure:)

There are plenty of liveries and with Dave's repaint we somehow fluked everyone having different cars. Lots of potential for more repaints and a great almost-stock class - just an NC-1 and a Ninco NC1 adapter and you're racing.
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