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Road Side Signs

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Was wandering through Bunnings (hardware store for our foriegn readers) the otherday and as always was keeping my eyes open for things that might be useful when i stumbled on these beauties. They are actually the hanging tags for pope tap fittings. They are in the garden hose isle. There was litteraly heaps of them floating around in the bottom of the boxes that had been discarded. I asked the bloke in the aisle if i could have a few and he said go your hardest, so they didnt even cost me anything.




Any way tutorial


Peel off the sticker - may need some metho to clean off the residue

using a sharp pen knife cut off the top of the clip and shape the top corners to match the bottom

Again use the pen knife or dremel to remove the little lip aroung the bottom clip

Print off some stickers and apply.

drill a hole and glue it in.



That easy and really effective i think


Im going to use them as brake point markers as you come down the main straight but they could easily be cut into any shape as the plastic is really easy to work with


Cheers Gloveman



I rather push my Datto than drive anything else!

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Nice work there... I quite often walk the isles of bunnings for precisely the same reasons

I picked up a roll of spongy stuff in a roll used for spopping drafts or something, I glued it to some

thin MDF and attached it to the side of the track as a soft barrier where the cars would crash often

... no more lost car parts. ;)

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