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Happy Birthday Slotsnz

Ember's Photo Ember 16 Sep 2013

Happy birthday ol' boy. Hopefully you have enough breath to blow out all those candles.
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Vinno's Photo Vinno 17 Sep 2013

Happy belated birthday Mark.

charlesx's Photo charlesx 17 Sep 2013

Shivers Mark is it your birthday again. Do you have two a year or something or is it just lost in the excitement of the slotting world.

Best wishes even if a bit late. You still cannot catch up to me. Hope you are putting John's pension to good use.


Chas Le Breton
on behalf of Taranaki contingent

aquakiwi's Photo aquakiwi 17 Sep 2013

Happy belated birthday Mark, sounds like you had a good one.

branco's Photo branco 17 Sep 2013

Happy birthday mark

Ontheflipside's Photo Ontheflipside 19 Sep 2013

Sorry I missed your birthday Mark - hope it was a good'n.

SlotsNZ's Photo SlotsNZ 20 Sep 2013

cheers guys - and lady. Thanks for the kind wishes, I had a couple of days away with the lovely lady, and she had arranged dinner at the Hilton in Taupo, - where we discovered, Simon Goult is executive chef - He is a judge for NZ Masterchef and has been guest judge and example chef to copy on Australian Masterchef.

So I was thoroughly spoiled.

chenglaw's Photo chenglaw 16 Sep 2014

Have a great day Mark, Many happy returns!!!

SlotsNZ's Photo SlotsNZ 17 Sep 2014

Thanks Chenglaw.