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Scalextric Pirtek Falcon With Slotit Chassis

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Here is the Scalextric Falcon I converted a while last December. I have shown these pics on other sites before but I have put them together on our own site.




This shows the car after I first completed the conversion. At the time I still had the standard wheels on the car with some old Scalextric axles so as to get the right clearance to the guards and the right track.


As I previously mentioned I pumped the guards by heating with a lighter and pressing them out by hand. It is a tricky job so don't try unless you are confident. I did this as the Falcon was narrower than the Commodore and wanted the cars to run evenly. Also the real Falcon guards are more like the pumped guards I did.




This shows how much the stance changes from the standard height as both cars sit about the same when standard.




Here is the car with a Slotit Audi. The Falcon could not be lower if I tried and runs lap times on my Scalextric track around 0.3 of a second slower than the Audi which runs a best of 10.1 on either lane of my track with Slotit P2 tyres.




This shows the car with Slotit aluminium wheels front and rear. I was going to make up some inserts for the hubs but prefer the BBS style insert so they will stay for a while.




This shows the car set up to race. I made up some suspension for the car with some left over long screws from some Slotit suspension kits I have fitted to other cars. The springs do work well but I will be using Fly Racing tyres next time I race as these work much better on the Ninco track we race on.


The motor is a Ninco NC3 motor which is well suited to the car.

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Hey Vinno,


Nice effort. I've seen your project before. I actually passed all the info on to a friend of mine and it inspired him to do this conversion to the commodore.

I must chase him up and see how he went as I haven't seen the car at the track yet.

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