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Happy Birthday Smallnails

Davnic74's Photo Davnic74 23 Feb 2008

Happy Birthday smallnails, you have all weekend to enjoy :) :rolleyes: :bday: :lol:

knoath's Photo knoath 23 Feb 2008

Happy Birthday Smallones!
Hope you have a great weekend mate!
:) :bday: :rolleyes: :lol:

manic35's Photo manic35 23 Feb 2008

Happy birthday smallnails, hope the Slot Gods smile down on you mate! :rolleyes: :lol: :) :bday:

Cheers Manic
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smallnails's Photo smallnails 23 Feb 2008

Thanks guys!

Had 10 mates up last night racing on my track while their partners stayed inside and talked babies, was a great night! Having Family up tonight so that should be good!

As for slot car goodness today i am going to luck out, i buy enough cars as it is, so one for my birthday didn't really appeal to the minister of finances.

But its all good as i am expecting another batch of cars in the next week or two, about 8 coming............cough..........cough.......splutter..........now i just have to figure out which ones i want and which ones i am going to on sell!

oldslot's Photo oldslot 23 Feb 2008

happy birthday Tack hope you have a good one remember any day above ground is a good one

gref's Photo gref 23 Feb 2008

Happy birthday bloke! :rolleyes:

Eno the Wonderdog's Photo Eno the Wonderdog 23 Feb 2008

Hey happy Birthday Smallnails - 8 more? MTWD would kill me. I'm gonna be in enough trouble when she finds out I needed a new car while I was supposed to be buying stuff for Luke! :rolleyes:

itelectrical's Photo itelectrical 23 Feb 2008

Happy Birthday dude. All the Best !

slots's Photo slots 23 Feb 2008

Happy Birthday Sunshine. <_<

smallnails's Photo smallnails 23 Feb 2008

Thanks guys.....was a great day all round...........got in a couple of hours with my 2 1/2 year old on the track.......had family up tonight after a shindig for friends last night! Was nice to log on today and see many well wishers........................ :D :clap: Now wheres the mrs????? its time for a bit of slap and <_<


datto16's Photo datto16 24 Feb 2008

 smallnails, on Feb 23 2008, 10:50 PM, said:

:lbluebounce: :bluebounce: Now wheres the mrs????? its time for a bit of slap and ;)


Ohh that is so wrong....

Happy birthday btw..

Slider's Photo Slider 24 Feb 2008

Hey Lad sorry i missed it Happy birthday .

smallnails's Photo smallnails 24 Feb 2008

thanks mate

gazza's Photo gazza 23 Feb 2010

Have a good one Brad

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Guest_jazzbell_* 23 Feb 2010


Happy birthday and i hope that new birthday car i sent you goes as good as your last one :D

regards shane a

team thunderbird
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haystack's Photo haystack 23 Feb 2010

Happy Birthday 'Nails, another year gone, but Luck and Wishes for the next!!

kalbfellp's Photo kalbfellp 23 Feb 2010

I hope you have a great day,hopefully better than yesterday! :P Has the head improved or are you just getting ready to have another session tonight? :D

SlotsNZ's Photo SlotsNZ 23 Feb 2010

Smallnails has birthdays ?

Like a regular person and all ??

I had no idea . . . . . ah well "Big tacker" guess I'd better wish you a good one...... 1st lemonade is on me..... :D

smallnails's Photo smallnails 23 Feb 2010

Thanks for the Lovely Jubblys Gazza!

Phil, the head has somewhat improved on yesterday, one night a year will be enough for me though i think! It takes me too long to get over it nowadays!

Thanks for the car Shane! Looks like it will be another track record holder from yourself!!

Your present Stack was a third in the rally proxy! Good driving!

Mark, have gone back thru the records to question my age, and true to the word of my mum i was born in '76. I couldnt honestly remember it, so i thought i should check!

Ember's Photo Ember 23 Feb 2010

Enjoy the Birthday 'Nails. Though by the sounds there was plenty of pre-birthday shellebrashuns going on.