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Bash Those Old Scaly Foot Bridges

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materials needed: 2 scaly foot bridges, 1 2x4 , lemax pavement set or wooden dowels for steps.

step 1. (optional) paint with primer gray after removing dunlop signs.

step 2. reduce round nubs that held dunlop sign clear paint from glue contact points.

step 3. glue bridges together.

step 4. cut pavement as shown and glue together.

step 5. cut 2x4 to 1 1/2 hieght 1 5/8 length and width 3 1/4 (all measurements in inches) paint flat black.

step 6. glue parts together.



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Excellent - just need the 'Bridge Nazis' and herding ropes to stop people going the wrong way!


Oddly this fits right into something I'm trying to figure out for the Dayus Place for Pace.. I'm gonna go have a look..

Captain's log: We are enroute to some planet whose name I cannot pronounce to do something really complicated that I don't understand.

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