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My Second Attempt At Trackside Scenery

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Following up on my first post the ideas have continued to roll on


This slot car thing is getting me in good with the boy but deep with the missus




The Billboards and Mesh Fencing in action




I rather push my Datto than drive anything else!

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Gloveman, they are looking good. Also, you are now a fully fledged member of the club as we are ALL in deep with the missus. The standard shut up excuse for this fine hobby of ours is "I could be down the pub". :oB):D



Old racers race harder

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That's the one I use "At least you know where I am"


Doesn't work for me because


a ) She reckons I'd spend less at the pub

b ) she's met some of the jokers from the club, and she think's I'd be safer down there with a bunch or bar leaners




but yeah Gloveman, just get used to being in doo-doo up to around neck level . . . . it's a pretty normal state of being the the citizens of there here place ;)

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"What do you need another track for?"


"Well, that one's plastic, and because I race on wood I need something to practice on."


"So what do you need another one for?"


"Different style of track. More corners and stuff."


"But you're taking up the whole garage already!"


"It's not getting used for anything else!"


"Where are we going to park the car?"


"I've not heard it complain about the street!"


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