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Swsrg Round One Jan-5 2008

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Now that Charlie is out of the country we can post some pic's from the first round of the SWSRG (WDMCRG) held at his track on the 5th of Jan


First up were the Open Sports












Charlie's Proslot on the way to a convincing win




Craig ran his privateer McLaren




Next up was the Slot-it enduro ........ 10 min on each lane ....... thank god for the Slot-it hand controllers














What do you mean that Slot-it class cars have to run Slot-it motors




Good close racing was the order of the night and after 40 min of racing, and 410 laps later ..... the first 3 cars were only separated by 4 tens of a lap with Joe's Porsche just in front of Craig's Jaguar followed closely by Charlie's Lancia.

Quickly read this post before it is deleted or i turn grey again



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gazza gazza gazza,


the job's only half done m'lad.


We have the pictures, but some of us still don't know which ugly mug belongs on which handle.


I paprticularly am interested to see what a "gazza" and a "charlie" look like

Walks upright Unaided  *  Ties Own Shoelaces  *  Can Mispronounce Own Name In Five Languages  *  Mostly Aims Rattle Cans Away from Self
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Guess what guys I am back. Pitty I had to wait so long for the pic of the Proslot.

I only have a week or so till the next club round.


The holiday was great Egypt for me was the best of times and the worst of times. Give you guys an update when we next get together. In the mean time I have a lot of posts to catchup on



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