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Willmot F1 Series Round 3

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Pictures from last weekends Racing.




A few of the Nascars Racing in the Nascar class. Sidewinder Scalextric Ford Taurus is the car to have in this class. They brake straight and are great cars to drive. There was plenty of close racing to be had here. I am not sure of the winner but Joe and Jamie both did well again and I picked up a forth.




My favourite class and the greatest variety of cars. The Slotit Audis go well here. Winner here was Joe's yellow Proslot Toyota GT1 with Fly Evo 2 motor. I picked up a second 0.15 of a lap behind Joe with my Black Slotit Audi with the red No 1 on the nose. Jacob was third with the other Black Audi here 0.35 of a lap behind. Jamie was fourth with the Red Proslot Toyota GT1 but could just as easily have won going into the last heat. He got tangled up in the pack and allowed Joe to get away.


Damn I was hoping Joe had some pressure on him as I could almost taste the champagne.




F1 field before the races.




A little close through turn one.




Bumps Nascar after trying a manouvre on Daniel and coming off second best.




This was an actual race finish after the power was cut. Jamie and I had a great side by side duel for about a dozen laps and both held the triggers in as the timer counted down. I got that heat.




Al getting an early lead from Dave with Jacob trying to round them up and either Bo or Charlie on the outside lane. Charlie aquitted himself well amoungst the fierce competition.




Jamie showing the way in the BAR from Jacob bump and Charlie.




Bo's Fly Racing Lola he should have raced in Open Sports and another of those Black Slotit Audi's.

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No races until after the school holidays. We may get together during the long weekend though but not sunday night.


The Roosters are in the grand final and I can't miss Freddys last game. Will let you know if we get together for a drive night.

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