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1/24th Commercial Tracks In Sydney & Beyond

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I still have my slot cars from the days of racing Mt Druitt, Parra ,Seven hills, Rockdale, Budgewoi, Luddenam, Waitara, Over the last 10 yrs or so i've taken these out for a run at Waitara with my son who is now 20, Is there anyone on here from the days of MT Druitt this was my local track and spent a LOT of time there, Racing group 27s 20s flexies and womps also have trophy from the 24hr races at Luddenham.


Rockdale... would that have been the Southside Plaza track?

I raced there for a while up to when I left slot cars in '69.

Dennis Barbuto used to work and race there as well.


Any chance of posting a photo of the trophy from the Luddenham 24hr, plus photo's of any cars that you raced out there?

We'd love to put some history together about the track, which started life at Woy Woy in '67.



Steve K.

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Thanks for the replies, gents - good to know the memory is not completely gone...


I can sketch out out Chester Hill, Yagoona, G&D's main track in my mind (wouldn't have a clue how to post them here..) - but I'd be really keen to see a drawing of the Caringbah / Sydney City track.


We all know what a King looks like.....


I wonder what happened to G&D's tracks?


I may yet follow up on your suggestion, Steve - thanks!



I remember Caringbah.

I think....

It started as a King, but without the banking. We raced there often, including one race called the Peter Wherret. He was on TV at the time and turned up to present the trophy himself. He then told us to race scale cars, too slow we said.

It was then rebuilt with massive banking added, you really needed big horse power.

We used to race on a Sunday night with Toby Lee and Greg Erskine. Has anyone heard of Toby.

The last time I saw him was around the time there was a big Muslim church being built next door to his house.

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Hi Guys,


So excited to stumble upon this site,


I used to race at C & D Parramatta in 1972/73/74 from the age of 13, mostly Gp10 & Gp12, 2hr enduros, 24 hr enduro & Matich Classic


I used to mow other peoples lawns to fund my racing as the parents had no money


Great memories of this time, was great to see the pictures


I took my step sons there around 1989 & Geoff still remembered me... was a great place to go


Best wishes to all


Jim Brown

Brokin Racing Group

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On 7/7/2008 at 1:20 PM, Triang said:


((The guy that own Yagoona Straightaways was Jim R ( I know what his last name was ) Jim help me alot when I first started racing slot cars and talked me into running in NSW Assoc racing. That was in the mid seventies.

Hope this helps Regards



Just joined as I found you on a search for "Yagoona Straightaways" I loaded a couple of photos to Flickr today, taken at the Yagoona track in June, 1967, of Jim and a couple of mates. It's a long time since I disposed of my 1/24th collection but the urge occasionally comes back. It looks like I have Jim's surname wrong. You can see the photos via this link http://www.flickr.com/search/?q=yagoona+st...ways&m=text


Jim was a great guy and kept a lot of the local kids off the streets. I often wonder what happened to him after he moved out of the shop. Someone told me he lived near Woodville Road, not far from Bass Hill.



Jim's last name was Westwell, he sponserd  me and i won the N.S.W. GROUP 20 championship in 1977 and i held the lap record from 1977 until the track closed sadly Jim passed away a few years ago some of the old slotcar racers attended his funeral as i did. Jim lived in Roosevelt Avenue Sefton i visited him and his wife Pat and Son Paul.

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