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Down Under Proxy Race Series 2008 Rules & Regs

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Posted 15 December 2007 - 01:33 PM


[indent]1.1 The Down Under Proxy Series 2008 shall be an event for Sports Sedan based 1/32 scale slot cars
1.2 The series will consist of a maximum of 10 rounds (number depending on tracks available).
1.3 A Sports Sedan is defined as a two wheel drive racing car based on a 2 or 4 door volume production car that:
[indent]1.3.1 was equipped from the factory with a rear seat
1.3.2 was designed to seat a total of 5 persons minimum.
1.3.3 was manufactured prior to 31/12/90.[/indent]1.4 Entrants are encouraged to undertake some research to familiarise themselves with the 1:1 race category. Here are some links for research purposes

What is a sports sedan

NASSA Images

More Images (esp. Historic)

and more...

and more Err for this one you have to find "sports Sedans" then "Drivers and Photos"[/indent]
[indent]2.1 Body
[indent]2.1.1 Bodies shall be 1/32 scale injection moulded plastic, resin or fibreglass shells. Vac formed shells are excluded.
2.1.2 The body shall be fitted with 3 dimensional interior consisting of at least a driver (head and shoulders), steering wheel and rollcage. Vac form plastic is acceptable.
2.1.3 All cars must have a front and rear windscreen. Side windows are optional. Vac form plastic is acceptable. The window material must be transparent .
2.1.4 Bodies must be painted in a race livery.
2.1.5 All bodies must have at least 3 racing numbers.
2.1.6 Maximum overall dimensions are:
[indent] Width: 70mm at widest point including spoiler and wing. Length: 175mm measured from extremities including spoiler and wing.[/indent][/indent][/indent]
[indent]2.2 Chassis
[indent]2.2.1 A commercially available 1/32 scale plastic RTR chassis must be used. PCS 32 chassis are deemed eligible.
2.2.2 The chassis wheelbase must not exceed 90mm measured axle centre to axle centre.
2.2.3 The RTR chassis must be retained from the guide mount to the front of the rear wheel openings.
2.2.4 The original location of the guide mount must be retained.
2.2.5 Where the original chassis is four wheel drive, it must be converted to either front wheel drive or rear wheel drive
2.2.6 The front axle location may be adjusted from the original to facilitate wheel base adjustment if required.
2.2.6 Wheels must be centred in the wheel arch.
2.2.8 A minimal amount of plastic may be removed from the area between the wheels to enable the chassis to fit under the body shell where the body is not original to the chassis.
2.2.9 Aftermarket (eg Slot.it HRS) or scratch built chassis’ are prohibited.
2.2.10 A commercially available motor pod may be used to support the motor and axle assembly and may be fitted separate from the chassis. ie; Fly, Proslot or Slot.it etc.
2.2.11 A minimal amount of material may be removed from the area between the chassis ribs to allow fitment of a motor/axle cradle.
2.2.12 Traction Magnets are prohibited.
2.2.13 Minimum clearance of 1.6mm or 1/16 of an inch before racing commences at each round no metal objects should be fixed under the chassis gears shall not touch the track surface at any time.
2.2.14 Ballast material must be lead sheet. There will be no limit on Ballast weight. Ballast shall be retained within the topside of the chassis ie no ballast fitted to the bottom of the chassis.
2.2.15 No part of the chassis including guide flag shall be visible beyond the body when viewed from directly above. no chassis part should extend beyond the lowest point of the body unless an integral feature (eg chin spoiler)
2.2.16 Bracing- Plastic or printed circuit board my be used to brace chassis components. Metal material is prohibited as chassis bracing with the exception of the following:
[indent] A brass sleeve may be inserted in the guide mount hole to allow fitment of a smaller diameter guide post. The guide mount may be strengthed with a non metal material. Additionally one brass tube may be used to improve the location of the front axle.[/indent][/indent]
[indent]2.3.1 Any commercially available motor can be used with the exclusion of rare earth magnet and “strap type” motors.
2.3.2 Tyres are open to any brand of rubber tyre. Rubber tyres include Ninco, SCX, FLY, Scalextric, Cartrix, Proslot, Slot.it P Series, Ortmanns, MJK, NSR Supergrip & Ultragrip. This is not a complete list, if you know of a tyre that is rubber based let the organisers know.
2.3.3 Silicone tyres are prohibited eg; PPR Super tyres, Slot.it S1's, Puma Paws, Indy Grips, etc.
2.3.4 Foam rubber tyres are prohibited eg; tuna type.
2.3.5 Tyres must not protrude beyond the outer edge of the wheel arch opening
2.3.6 Wheels, axles, gears, bearings, guides and braids choice are free except for:
[indent] Braid wire must be flat braided wire Only 1 guide per car. Ball race bearings are prohibited. [/indent][/indent][indent]2.3.7 Aftermarket wheels must be fitted with a suitable wheel centre.[/indent][/indent] [/indent]
[indent]3.1 Scrutineering
[indent]3.1.1 Once a car has been scrutineered/ teched for the series its mechanical specification may not be changed, ie; no changes of motor spec. or gear ratio.
3.1.2 Minor servicing of each car may be carried out by the round host before qualifying begins. Items to be checked will be body screws, tyres, ground clearance and braids cleaned. If a fault is found during servicing the owner will be contacted for advice on what to do.
3.1.3 Any cost incurred will be paid by the entrant[/indent]
3.2 Compliance
[indent]3.2.1 If at any time through the series a car is found to not comply with the regulations, the car will be withdrawn from the series and the owner notified of the non-compliance.
3.2.2 Any car found to be non-compliant shall forfeit all accrued points to that date.
3.2.3 The owner can:
[indent] ask the organisers to make good the car and continue with the series, have it returned to them for repairs and returned to the series or returned and withdrawn from the series.[/indent]3.2.4 Any cost incurred will be paid by the entrant.[/indent]
3.3 Repairs
[indent]3.3.1 In the event of a mechanical failure during a race, the car shall be withdrawn and placed in a quarantine area. The owner will be notified after the race that the car shall require repairs and or replacement of the failed parts. If a repair is required to be made before the next round the owner should notify the organisers what they wish to be done to make good the repairs or return the car to the owner.
3.3.2 Any cost incurred will be paid by the entrant.[/indent][/indent]
[indent]4.1 Organisation
[indent]4.1.1 The co-ordinator of the 2008 Down Under proxy Series is Sidecar Steve. During the setting up and running of this series a panel consisting Sports Racer, Kalbfellp, Hoffy and XXXX shall assist in adjudicating on any issue or dispute. A simple majority vote shall decide any outcome.
4.1.2 The decision of the organiser is final. There is no avenue of appeal.
4.1.3 A perpetual trophy will be awarded to the winner, to remain in their care until the commencement of the 2009 series at which time the trophy is to be returned to the organiser.[/indent][/indent]
[indent]4.2 Entries
[indent]4.2.1 There shall be an entry fee of $12.00 AUD for Australian entries. Overseas entries shall be $17.00 USD (all fees include the cost of return postage.)
4.2.2 The fee is to cover postage costs of cars from one state to the next. If any money is left over, it will be donated to the AUSLOT forums host to put towards the hosting of the forum.
4.2.3 Owner’s name must be written on chassis. Either painted or engraved, no tape
4.2.4 Entries are to be accompanied by a sheet listing specifications of:
[indent] Car body and chassis Motor Wheels, tyres and axles Gear ratio (pinion and crown/spur size) [/indent]4.2.5 Cars to be received by the organiser before the advertised date.
4.2.6 One entry per person.
4.2.7 Cars must conform to the DUPR 2008 rules and regulations.
4.2.8 Cars will be excluded if a full series entry fee has not been received by the organisers[/indent][/indent]
[indent]5.1 Class of car[/indent][indent][indent]5.1.1 All JGTC specific cars are excluded.[/indent][/indent][indent]5.2 Body
[indent]5.2.1 Vac formed bodies are excluded.[/indent]
5.3 Chassis
[indent]5.3.1 All aftermarket chassis’ (Slot.it HRS, Plafit, etc…) are excluded.
5.3.2 Scratch built chassis’ are excluded[/indent]
5.4 Running gear
[indent]5.4.1 Foam rubber, silicone or silicone based tyres are excluded
5.4.2 Ball race bearings are excluded
5.4.3 Rare earth magnet and “strap type” motors are excluded[/indent][/indent]
[indent]6.1 If you have a query regarding eligibility of a particular car please contact the organisers with documentary and or photographic evidence to support your entry. If you are unsure of the eligibility of the car or compliance with the rules please check with the organisers before sending the car.
6.2 The onus is on the entrant to ensure that their car complies with the rules. Basically if it is not in the rules you can’t do it.
6.3 Do not ask the organisers to tell you where it says you can’t do something, as it is more likely that you will be asked where it says you can.[/indent]
[indent]7.1 Entrants should understand that no responsibility is accepted by the organisers, hosts or participants of the Down Under Proxy Race Series 2008 for the loss and/or damage to your cars or equipment supplied either before, during or after the series is conducted.
7.2 Please have fun when preparing your car and have more when the series begins, remember that there are no sheep stations on the line here just bragging rights and a perpetual trophy.[/indent]

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