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My 2008 Raa Gt2 Entry

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hi gang -


i have entered a proxy race - the 2008 RAA GT2 class (for rookies like me!) .. to me, this is a daunting challenge for a number of reasons .. first, the thought of spending the time, effort and dollars to build a great car, just so someone else can drive it (into a wall) doesn't impress me much .. second, i have very little experience building or tuning cars, outside of the standard 'break-in, true and lube' scenerio .. and thirdly - and most importantly i think - i am fairly new to no-mag racing, as my pervious exploits are usually in the OTB vein ..


so - as my signature says - with only fear and good judgement holding me back, i've entered the shark tank as a guppy! i must admit tho - i am expecting tenth or e;eventh (out of twelve entrants) but would like just one podium finish ..


i have started tinkering with three cars, all very different from each other ..


the rules committee set out a list of possible choices, along with a 'legal motor' list .. wanting to keep expenses to a minimum, i looked through the lists, and my car collection, and came up with these three -


1. Scalextic Ford GT - legal stock 18K SW motor, geared 11/36




2. SCX Ferrari 360 GTC - illegal inline cartrix 'TZ Race' motor, geared 9/27




3. Polistil Ferrari F355 - i have a chassis somewhere!! legal SW cartrix 'FX Sport' motor geared 11/36




my parts orders have started to arrive, so, over the next few months, i'll detail the experience here, with hopes of getting some more of you 'off the fence' and entering some of our proxies


as i go along, any comments, help, advise or other info are certainly appreciated .. feel free to offer anything!


ciao .. pete canada.gif

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.. with only fear and good judgement holding us back ..

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