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"evolution Of Racing" - Photocomp 07

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- ideas : yourself (with slots) / slots / racing / technology - ITS OPEN FOR INTERPRETATION

To give new members an idea here is last years entries

This is the Theme for the first of 3.


Within each theme will be 2 catagories (i) Standard & (ii) Photoshopped - rules apply the same as last year

(i) Standard entry - must have no modifications to the image apart from basic colour control like Saturation/Contrast/Brightness and cropping

(ii) Photoshopped entry - can have any modifications done to the entry ie: filters/layers/masks etc - level of expertise, dependent on user.



1. Open to ALL Auslot.com members ONLY

2. Maximum of 2 (two) entries per theme - can be 2 in standard or 2 in photoshopped or 1 in each

3. Total maximum of 6 entries over all themes

4. Each pic must include a title for ease of identification

5. There will be 1 winner in each Category for a total of 6 winners

6. Imagery must be based around SLOTCARS

7. Competition closes midnight 16/11/07

8. Voting will be done for the next 1 week closing midnight 23/11/07

9. Winners will be announced 30/11/07

10. Of each of those winners from each category - another vote will go ahead for the best picture - of which is voted Champion of Champions will receive the 1st Annual Perpetual Trophy !

(i) Final winner announced 07/12/07

11. Voting will be done the same as last year by silent email voting for your pick in each category - YOU CANNOT VOTE FOR YOURSELF - final voting counts will be under scrutineered by Auslot Forum Moderators (yet to be deceided whom)

12. Pictures must accompany TITLE & CATEGORY


Keep checking back for more rules/regulations & Prizes


Prizes will be announced shortly


- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -


- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -



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1 Standard ...... Falcon




2 Standard ..... Legends!




Excellent presentation Gazza. Got my vote already :nice:

* Avatar used with permission


Normal people worry me

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Nice shot for the photoshop there Manic...

Thats the kind that i was hoping that you guys would do, along those lines...



Thanx lavendaar. :)


The competition topic was ironic for me as only 2 weeks prior I had purchased the Alonso McLaren Merc and had pulled my Merc W156 out and couldn't believe the progress in F1 over the last 50 years. When I read the competition topic I didn't even have to think of what I wanted to do, it had to be the evolution of the Silver Arrow in F1. I just had to work out how to do it. :huh2:


BTW, well done on the competition topics, very good.


Cheers Manic

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1) Evolution of racing


Panelshop - (straight photo no mods just thought it looked close to a 1:1 scale)

Pontiac Trans Am 1/32 scale being modified into a likeness of a car that ran in the T/A series in the early 70's (Gerry Titus) basic body kit is from David Reinecke , the guards are being flared to make the car look as it did when it raced.

Reinecke Motorsports

Chevelles & Slot Cars!




2) Evolution of racing - well more like my evolution in racing and scratchbuilding , started slot cars as a 13 year old kid in Dads shed scratchbuilding from tin plate now 30 years later I have taken up the hobby again - still like scratchbuilding . These two cars are home made 1/24th scale built in brass and strong enough to race hard and survive the tumbles the white # 32 car actually ended up on the floor. A mate was in the corner taking photos when these two cars met its been sharpened up and cropped


If you can't go around go over - No mods action shot by a mate with his new video camera

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here's my 2 cents worth for Evolution of Racing:



1. Red Centre (photoshopped)




2. Scarlet Gauntlet (standard)



...hope you like 'em!




Ask not what MDF can do to you, rather ask what you can do to MDF!

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"Age before beauty" (Photoshopped)





- Bill

Edited by Avatar

- Bill


All hail the Hypnotoad!

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Hi all


i thought i would share a bit of Honda [slotcar] racing evolution [1:1/1:32]

'from then to now'



and the evolving of 69 Camaro

'from stock to unstock'






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