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Auslot 500 Trans Am Race

Vinno's Photo Vinno 23 Aug 2004

To enter post here.

Vinno's Photo Vinno 23 Aug 2004

I will start by entering myself and my Mustang.

boslot's Photo boslot 23 Aug 2004

Im in with a Camaro


itelectrical's Photo itelectrical 23 Aug 2004

Im in with my Camaro.

Jacob's Photo Jacob 23 Aug 2004

I'm also in with....another camaro.

MiChAeL's Photo MiChAeL 23 Aug 2004

im in with my mustang

bump's Photo bump 23 Aug 2004

I'm in

Rob E.'s Photo Rob E. 23 Aug 2004

Repainting a Mustang for this at the moment. Doing the livery of the Gary Mathews #78 car that is now owned and run by Barry Konier.


Bump, what sort of car are you running?

Rob E.

Badbilly's Photo Badbilly 24 Aug 2004

in with camaro sport.. if any newcastle or c.coast ppls want a lift let me know

Devious Dave's Photo Devious Dave 24 Aug 2004

Just like Idi....Am in. Another Camaro. ;) Devious Dave

pezzwa's Photo pezzwa 25 Aug 2004

me and my hurst shifters sponsered camaro will come along for the day

joez1's Photo joez1 27 Aug 2004

You dont see to many doctors in CAMAROs but i well be in one....Joe Z.

boslot's Photo boslot 28 Aug 2004

Good to see you posting joe I will see you next week and drop that Ninco NC1 motor off for you to doctor up.

Regards Bo :P

Rene's Photo Rene 28 Aug 2004

Count me in with my Mustang.

itelectrical's Photo itelectrical 05 Sep 2004

So, How many entrants we got now Bo?Vinno?

boslot's Photo boslot 05 Sep 2004

Hi jamie

At last count there was thirteen entrants so far , is camron racing in this tran am race.

Regards Bo

MiChAeL's Photo MiChAeL 13 Sep 2004

For those who haven't raced at Armchair racers before there will be a practice section at the track on sunday. Im not sure what time it will be on but vinno or boslot will post it some time today or tomorrow so if you got plans on sunday clear them now :rolleyes:

pezzwa's Photo pezzwa 13 Sep 2004

sorry guys, i'm going camping the weekend of the race.

this election i think i'll vote for the five day weekend party

Vinno's Photo Vinno 13 Sep 2004

Sorry to here Pezzwa.

There is a free one hour practice this Sunday afternoon for all racers attending the Trans Am race the following weekend.

Practice will be at 3.00pm till 4.00pm at Armchair Racer. The address is Shop 9/73 Longueville rd Lane Cove. It is actually behind Longueville rd in the same group of shops as the Subway store. There is a huge carpark right outside the front door to the shop so you can't miss it. If you can attend feel free to turn up.

Vinno's Photo Vinno 14 Sep 2004

Bumping up the reminder for the free practice.