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Ultimate Racer 3.0

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Hi Guys


Found this site today while at work. ( Wuz really busy)


Ultimate Racer 3.0





Ultimate Racer 3.0 (UR30) is a PC based race management system and track layout editor running under Windows 98, 2k and XP's.

UR30 is free and regularly updated with your feedbacks and suggests.


UR30 can be used to compute car/driver best lap time, count laps, chronometrize race duration, compare cars one to each other…


UR30 includes a track layout editor to design your Slot Car Circuit on PC. UR30 is provided with standard circuit track libraries and allows you to create your owns.


The Racer Lap Counter uses any kind of parallel based device sensor such as photoresistor, dead strip or photodiods, refer to Sensors, Controler or Scalextric RMS pages for further details.



Technical information


IBM PC or compatible 486 or higher

Windows 98, 2k, XP

Hard drive : 20 MB of free space

Screen 1024 x 800/256 colors minimal

Requires additionnal hardware for slot car detection

RAM : 64MB or higher

requires MDAC (see below).


The Race Management System

manages up to 8 lane : 2, 3, 4, 6 and 8 lanes with a 1/1000 sec precision

all statistics per driver, slot car and races

use an MS Access database with described database schema for use with MS Office softwares

direct publishing of your race, score, circuit, tournaments on the WEB

easy and quick race parameters setup

manage any sensor connected on the parallel port (see hardware pages)

printed and WEB published reports are based on html & XML templates => can be easily customized

reports can be saved as html files for WEB publishing

switched-off / red-orange-green start lights status managed

HTML compiled on line help

integrate a clock and a lap counter to play several circuit race rules

power control for each lane

complete slot car inventory with maintenance tasks, advanced statistics

fully powerfull customizable race screen with UR30 embedded editor

displays number of laps, time, best time, average, gap with first and previous driver, speed, driver position in a segment, total time on track and more...

compliant with VNC to share the race view between several computers.

race in number of laps or limited in time with possibility of segments and inter segment.

false start detection

quick & handy race setup and race type selection

manage drivers with picture and statistics per slot cars

customizable race sound events : false start, start race, end race, best lap, etc.

track managing with minimum lap time and track length.

possibility to resume a race after an electric cut.

manage several type of race tournaments : automatic championship setup and follow up

powerfull point management per race

work with parallel port sensors

manual entry with keyboard also available

starting, ending, resume lights

race statistics

huge library of slot car and driver avatars


Track designer features


user friendly WYSISYG interface

support for irregular shaped track sections: crossings, terminals, busstops, pitlanes etc. Very handy for Artin circuits!

several zoom factors, including "fit to screen" and "cursor selection zoom"

delivered with standard libraries

full OLE 32 bits container application

include standard objects : rectangles, polygons, circles, text, pictures…

accurate lane slot length and total slot curve calculation

lengths in metrics or Imperial

convert circuit size into real scale : kilometers or miles

clipboard standard features : cut/copy/paste/delete/undo-redo

possibility to create your own track libraries and modify standard ones

include track stock management and price calculation

rotate circuit by angle value or manually

powerfull text based track section designer

drag and drop track sections from the track section palett

manage track sections like real life ones

support for any brand inner and outer borders

out of the box support for lot of track brands

part codes shown on design and when printed

support of customizable WEB report publishing

customizable html reports

user definable grids : major grid, minor grid and snap to grid

manage all basic track operations

support for any number of lane tracks

resizable working space

all calculations in floating point precision

stock inventory with automatic stock control

easy to add your own brand of track

3D render

room objects


Hope this post Helps those of you who are looking for good software, best of all its FREE

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