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Visit To Repete's

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G'day Everyone


Here a few words about my visit to RePete's track


For the second Saturday in a row I have had the pleasure of visiting another new track. On this occasion I made the long 7 minute drive over the bridge to Toukley to check out RePete’s 4 lane ARTIN track.


I confess I know very little about the ARTIN range however I found the track surface to be smooth compared to the three major manufacturers and great fun to race on allowing big tail-out power slides through the corners with the ARTIN cars. In an attempt to get a better comparison I tried a variety of my own models to judge how the performed and I was surprised to find a similar level of grip available to that on my own Scalextric circuit. A quick examination of the ARTIN tyres provided the answer as they are much harder compound than that of Ninco or Scalextric. The most significant difference was not with the ARTIN track or their cars but with their hand controllers that use an incredibly strong spring on the trigger that really needs quite of bit of pressure to compress. Overall I could not find fault with the ARTIN track or the cars but I guess only time will tell how well it holds up after a few years of use.


I thoroughly enjoyed the time spent not only racing but also with some fellow enthusiasts. My sincere thanks to RePete for the kind invitation and welcome, I look forward to racing there again in the not too distant future. Thanks also must go the AUSLOT FORUM for without it I would possibly never had the opportunity to meet some new slot heads.

'til next time close racing


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It was my pleasure Wayne and I'm glad the track got the nod


Yes I must admit here the home track advantage is not knowing the track but my index finger looks somthing like arnies but new controllers are definatly on the adgenda


Will definatly be welcoming drivers again so stay tuned


This week will be the test of its portability as I am taking it into Wyong Christian School where I work for a father son night


Should be good with plenty of team action and fuel stops thanks to my lemans timing software


ps you should have seen the action after you went we got out the F1s and by the time we finished none of them had noses left (i must get that foam for the crash barriers) I dont know how many times Dad called stop with these cars but it was definatly a blast

Keep it in the groove


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