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Western Districts Slotcar Racing May 07

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We had the first official race at Boslot's new Warwick Farm circuit a couple of weeks ago. No punches were thrown but many a tear was shed when the sheep station racing became serious. Marshall's were not up to the rigors of the expert drivers continuously crashing out of their reach. I think don't crash is the answer but press on they do.


First heat's were for NC1 Classics. This is now no holds barred except for Ninco NC1 motors. It turned out a fun race with the cars well suited to the track. Plenty of weight is needed to keep all four wheels on the ground with the taller sedan style cars like Revell Mustangs. Here we see all Ninco cars with a Cobra, Ferrari 166 and Dave's Aluminium wheeled Corvette.



Here is a Ninco Jag being rounded up by Garza in Dave's loaner Vette and Al trailing behind with the Revell Mustang.



First second and third place here. After this we had Bo, Craig, Joe, Charlie, Cameron, Al and Daniel.



Next was Scalextric Trans Ams. A bit of a speed effect picture here with Jamie showing the way with his Camaro from Al's Mustang and Craigs Camaro.



Past the Camera goes Bob Jane and Ol Smokey.



Places first to third. Next was Dave, Cameron, Craig, Daniel, Charlie, Jamie, Gary and Al.



Last up was Open Sports Cars post Group C Although Jamie ran a 956 Porsche so couldn't place. Here he leads Al's Audi.



Garry on the inside of Dave's Scaley Viper. Dave surprised by running this car but the track did appear slick in the previous practice session so Dave through the Pigeon amoungst the cats. I am sure he was happy with his NC1 runners anyway.



First to third again and it looks like I was collecting thirds. Next was Jamie, Dave, Al, Craig, Gary, Paul, Cameron and Daniel.



Thanks to Bo for getting such a neat setup done so quickly. I can see a bit more thought needing to go into race plans here as you need to stay on and not rely on the poor old marshall's to hurry up and put you back on after crashing. :lol:

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Great pics and a few ideas for me there.


Question time; 4 of them actually . . . . let's call it the great inquisition part two


What is the track surface?


What tyres suit that surface, especially what do you put on the classics? MJK? Indys? Ortmanns?


How do you find the balance/running gear/handling qualities of the Ninco vs. Carrera vs. Revell, vs MRRC classics in general?


Which "bodies" if any seem to have an advantage? eg, do the open tops have lower CG, how about the long wheelbase of the XK-120 jag. Does it help or make it too tailey?


Could someone PM me the rules for the classics.

I am intrigued at the NC1 motor limit, but "anything goes" - including obviously aluminium wheels

- - - confesses to a SERIOUS [and possibly fatal when SWMBO sees the new ferraris, mercs and maseratis arrive ] addiction to classics as other members of HBMRC would tell you - - -

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I have pm'd the rules to you.


Track surface is Ferrodor with flat clear. See here for more detail.


We don't allow silicone tyres on our tracks which opens it up more as most tyres will work. The standard Ninco tyres have always worked well here.


The Ninco Classics are the easiest cars to set up due to their mid engine configuration but some inventive rule interpretation sees other brands get there too.


Surprisingly my Revell Donohue Mustang GT350 came third and all I have really done was to lower it a bit and cut the rear guards like the real cars had done to them. I also fitted Ninco Cobra tyres since the real car had larger rear tyres too. This helped the grip. Revell and Carrera cars are very smooth running so a smelter of lead underneath and they go quite well.


The lower cars are faster. The 56 Vette by Ninco is the new Ninco to beat but other tracks tend to open it up more. The Jag is also very good with the Ferrari 166 close behind too.


The trick on this track is to be smooth and not come off. This is the reason I finished so high up with such an unlikely car.

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How is the track surface performing? or does it still need more rubber down?




Hi Phil


My Trans am ran there stock tyres and as well as my ninco classic, and my MRRC Toyota GT1 ran its stock tyres and they performed as good as or better than MJK's. Joe won the Open sports race with Fly tyres which work well on this new BOCOAT suface. This new suface rubbers up fast and gives good even grip but still allows cars to slide a bit, easy to clean and low maintance, what more can I say its BOCOAT suface that I will used on all my routed tracks in the future.


Regards Bo

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