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Corvette And Gt40 Mods

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Just a quickie post to show the mods i made to my Corvette and GT40:





converted to "xenon" (white LED) lightes and added capacitor for a 3second lights on.

painted black around lights and removed tacky plastic covers

removed wheel cover disks and mirror (although the mirror was removed by accident... :o )


and heres my GT40 which i think is a very sexy car, but lacked tail lights so i added them:







ps, my corvette has started being rather noisey and slow running, i haven't droped it or damaged it in anyway, is this a common problem for inline, front mounted motor cars? its only a few weeks old and has only seen about 30minutes of track time at most.

An unmodified car is like a blank sheet of paper, aching to be drawn on.


Ren's 3 lane routed track with analogue pits and 2 car sudden death.

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Hi Rene,

I especially like the front lights on the Vette, looks much better without those blistered covers.


I wonder if the drive shaft bearing mounts have popped, as my Vette has been in the wars and if anything runs quieter as it gets older.


I'd be interested in the wiring for the controllers too please :o

Cheers for now



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Cars look great, got 1 of each of them, I especially like the rear tail lights on the GT 40, great work.


IT department



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