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Western Districts Slotcar Racing

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I haven't been posting up the WDMCRG races since late last year for a couple of reasons.


1 In the too hard basket at the end of last year.


2 I hadn't raced this year until last month. Seeing as I took some pics at Joe's last time and we had a race at Bo's for the first time last night, the guy's hassled me into putting up last months pics. I am on holidays so will be away from the work computers, so nows the time. I will post last nights in about a week and a half when I get back from Noosa.


Anyway here they are.


The grids for the three classes on the night.


Open Racing



Sports Sedans



Open Sedans




Most of the Open Racing cars are pretty much standard. The good tyres are still Scalextric Eagles But some are now using MJK's and Slot.it's. MJK's are the go on plastic by the looks.




Looks like a real Sport Sedan race here. My Tony Edmondson Alfa wasn't up to the quick cars pace. Too twitchy being a short wide car but it was fun to finally have a race to put it in. Garza's Mustang helped boost the Sport Sedan ranks.



A couple of Capri's, one Racing version and one Front engined. The Racing version was fast as expected.



Paul's Subaru showed some Spirit and Devious had trouble cornering at the same speed with the Ninco Merc. Look out Paul



A varied bunch of cars here in Open Sedan.



Open Racing results:

1 Joe 103.00 Laps

2 Dave 100.20 Laps

3 Bo 97.00 Laps

4 Jamie 96.30 Laps

5 Vince 94.25 Laps

6 Craig 93.15 Laps

7 Camaro 91.05 Laps

8 Al 90.95 Laps

9 Daniel 90.60 Laps

10 Michael 87.55 Laps

11 Gazza 84.45 Laps


Sport Sedan results


1 Joe 101.35 Laps

2 Al 100.45 Laps

3 Dave 99.80 Laps

4 Jamie 99.25 Laps

5 Bo 98.85 Laps

6 Paul 98.50 Laps

7 Craig 96.35 Laps

8 Vince 95.05 Laps

9 Gazza 92.60 Laps

10 Daniel 91.60 Laps

11 Cameron 91.15 Laps

12 Michael 85.05 Laps


Open Sedan results


1 Joe 105.65 Laps

2 Bo 101.80 Laps

3 Paul 101.05 Laps

4 Vince 97.75 Laps

5 Daniel 97.45 Laps

6 Dave 96.65 Laps

7 Craig 96.35 Laps

8 Gazza 94.70 Laps

9 Michael 94.15 Laps

10 Al 91.80 Laps

11 Cameron 79.45 Laps

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How does the MRRC Celica go up there? Boss 302 and I both have them down here and they are just great when fitted with a softer motor,the 30,000 is a bit too much for our short tracks.




Dave drove it to third in front of some Fly Capri's so it went very well. I think the red motor went walkies too.

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Phil, The Capri's got a Slot-it V12 in it which makes it a very smooth car without giving away any top end speed. I've replaced the guide with a Ninco sprung one and the car is now a lot more sure footed in the front end. It's a beautiful car to race now. Dave

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