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Junior Driver Aids

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When I first started i placed more magnets in until we just got use to taking the track slower.



I live my life a Slot car race at a time for those 50 laps or less i'm slow :)

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I find babying kids with gimmicks to slow down cars doesn’t give them a sense of reality or develop skills.

Best thing is to get an adjustable voltage power supply and turn it down to 8V. As they learn turn it up.

The Scorpius Wireless controller has a learner mode where you can adjust the speed from 0-100% in 1% increments. 
Cool function.



The best form of satisfaction is success.





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Agree with Aussieslotter. I have 6 younger GK's from 8 to 3 (just turned 4) and have used same system of reduced voltage on all. Also used with one of my D-in-Laws handicapped brother (50). He did 400 laps one day. We were all amazed. One 7 young old can now drive at full power with a good car. This is on conventional wood track with no magnets.

Think I started them at about 6 volts. We have to do something to re-fill our aging ranks. It is over 60 years since I started.

Regards Chas Le Breton.

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