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Central Coast/hunter 1/32 Racing

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Racing at Robs last night,our first meet for 2013.


Good turnout with a welcome return for Mitch and debut night for Scott,good to see you back again Mitch,you have been missed,hope you enjoyed your first nights racing with us Scott,that certainly appeared to be the case witnh good showings with your new Merc and encouraging runs from your F1 car and the MRRC Porsche.


Just a bit of house keeping to get through before I get to the race results.


We have introduced a new class for 2013, that being Classis pre 1970(incl) Sports,we introduced this updated class to allow us to use a more modern looking sports car and to give you more options when putting together the car for the years bracing,


We should have mentioned that SlotIt and NSR cars will not be permitted,it would be contrary to the spirit of the class, we didn't see much value in seeing a field full of SlotIt GT40's belting each other up,if you have any queeries regarding which car to use and need some clarification,talk to me or Steve.


Sports Sedans can now be run with anglewinder or sidewinder plus the inline set ups,still same $6 motor.


This should be interesting to see the time comparisms between the "old" and "new" setups.


So,down to last nights racing;


Classic Sports 12 volts


1. Viv '56 Corvette 17 points

2. Steve XK120/Merc Streamliner 16

3. Terry Cooper Ford 16

4. Rob Ferrari 275P 14

5. Mitch Ferrari 250LM 12

6. Scott Porsche910 9


SCX Formula 1 12 volts


1. Steve Ferrari/Lola 19

2. Terry Ferrari 18

3. Rob Ferrari 15

4. Mitch Ferrari 14

5. Viv MacLaren 10

6. Scott Ferrari 8


Ninco NC1 Sports(magnet) 14 volts


1. Steve Ferrari F50 20

2. Terry Porsche 911 GT1 18

3. Viv MacLaren F1 GTR 15

4. Mitch MacLaren F1GTR 13

5. Rob Ferrari F50 10

6. Scott Ferrari F50 8


Sports Sedans 12 volts


1. Terry Porsche 911 GT1 19

2. Steve Porsche 935 18

3. Rob Rover 3500 SDI 14

4. Scott Calibra 13

5. Mitch Loaner 12

6. Viv Pink Porsche911 8


LeMans GT


1. Steve SCX Ferrari 550 19

2. Terry SCX C6R Corvette 16

3. Mitch CLK Mercedes 15

4. Viv Scaleauto SLS Merc 14

5. Rob SCX C6R Corvette 12

6. Scott SCX Mercedes SLS 8


Total Points Score.


1. Steve 92 points

2. Terry 87

3. Mitch 66

4. Rob 65

5. Viv 64

6. Scott 46


There is never a bad night at the slots and last night was no different,good racing and good to catch up with the boys,as usual taking the p*** was on order and plenty of bs,what a great way to spend a wet Saturday night!


Thanks for the night Rob and Lisa,as usual,its always a good night on the plastic.


Racing next at Gregs on the 9th Feb,see you there,



Edited by terry

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Thanks to all the boys last night, it was great meeting all of you and with in no time I felt a part of the "boys club" As Terry says, good racing, good catchup, fantastic flow of BS and taking the P***. Especially taking the p*** out of Steve!... . For me it was an awesome introduction to the club, I thoroughly enjoyed every bit!


And... I WON, I've not won anything for years!.. I came first last!... WooHoo... what was the prize for that again?


Big thank you to Rob for hosting the night at his beautiful home (in the middle of nowhere!)...


Thanks Terry for the drive down and our in depth "meaning of life" conversations!.. Sorry I phased out on the trip home, a junior driver needs his beauty sleep ya know!.

I have some photos to post, I just need to go refresh my memory how to post photos to the forum again!... Facebook is so much easier...lol

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Photos for posterity... Racing night 19/01/2013


Rob, our host for the nights racing..




An overview of Robs 4 lane Scaley track



Viv.. (Oldslot).. A true gentleman!



Viv and Rob, gettin' it done!



Terry, chief spotter..



From left to right.. Mitch, Rob, Steve, Terry and Viv..



Left to right.. Steve, Rob and Terry...


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If anyone can explain why I can't rotate the first image correctly. I use photo bucket. I had rotated the image on my PC prior to uploading to photo bucket. It displays correctly in my photo bucket library but here, it's on it's side... Hmmmm

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Great looking track guy's, looks like a lot of fun (sorry didn't mean to swear)


Viv.. (Oldslot).. A true gentleman


I'd still count me fingers after shaking his hand :D

Quickly read this post before it is deleted or i turn grey again



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I fixed the problem with the first image not displaying correctly. It was my PC only and all I needed to do was clear my cache... All good.. :)

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hey how often do you guys meet up i would love to come and check out a race night and get some ideas

Edited by Zero

ɹǝʌo ǝɯ ןןoɹ sıɥʇ pɐǝɹ uɐɔ noʎ ɟı

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G'day Zero, our meets are on a Saturday night and usually every three weeks. We race at three tracks which are all located on the Central Coast. Terry and myself car pool and the drive usually takes us a bit over an hour. We're both from the Port Stephens area. Where do you live Zero?...

I'm a bit new to the group myself and this Saturday is my second meeting. I'm catching up with Terry tomorrow so I'll pass on your message to him, unless of course he see's this first!..


Cheers mate,


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Racing was at Gregs last night,with surprisingly 5 turning up for the night, we were expecting a better turn out but gammy knees,socialising with the enemy, and some extra nocturnal activity(for some) kept the numbers down.


Results for the night;


Ninco NC1 GT/Sports 14 volts magnet


1. Steve Ferrari F50 81.21 laps

2. Terry MacLaren F1 GTR 80.97

3. Greg MacLaren F1 GTR 77.68

4. Doug Porsche 911 GT1 ROHR 76.47

5. Viv Porsche 911 GT1 75.27



Classic Sports up to 1970(incl) 12 volts no mag


1. Doug Fly Ferrari 250 GTO 78.94

2. Steve Ferrari 330 LM 78.87

3. Terry Cooper Ford 78.16

4. Viv Ninco Cobra 70.99

5. Greg 68.39



SCX F1 12 volts no mag


1. Steve Ferrari 79.93

Terry Ferrari 79.93

3. Greg Senna MacLaren 78.37

4. Viv Mobil MacLaren 77.36

5. Doug Parmalat Brabham/Alfa 76.47



Sports Sedans 12 volts no mag


1. Steve Martini Porsche 935 80.38

2. Greg Fly racing Zakspeed Capri 78.33

3. Terry Porsche 911 GT1 75.88

4. Viv Camaro 75.30

5. Doug Audi90 72.51


Fastest lap Steve 8.094


LeMans GT 12 volts no mag


1. Steve Carrera 575 80.44

2. Greg Ninco Ferrari F50 79.10

3. Terry Scalextric Mercedes Maclaren SLR Linfox 76.85

4. Viv ???? 76.29

5. Doug ???? 72.07


Fastest lap Steve 8.029


So another nights racing typified by some very close racing,Steve was hooked up for the night and as usual was hard to toss,nothing new there!


Our next meet will be at steves' on the 23rd.


Thanks to Rhonda and Greg for having us over.



Edited by terry

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Thanks for your good work here Terry!.. My gammy knee and I apologies profusely for not being apart of lasts nights fun. I'll find out what's in store for me and Gammy this Thursday when I see Dr Painlove!.. With luck, I'll be ready for the next round!..


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Racing this Satuday early evening - I'll be making an appearance (shock horror) - I've been busy acquiring a few cars...... for the event.




Chuffed that the tyres turned up today so a bit of gluing and truing to occur in the next day or so.............. might need to fix the JGTC as the body was binding after my last poor driving effort at SWSG.

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Hey Mark...can you bring along your tasman car?


I'll have 2 or 3 to bring and I'd like the opportunity to have a closer look at what you've done.



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Its been a funny period for our little group,we've had people away for holidays,weddings,bunged up knees,family issues and sickness,and some rather violent weather,preventing some from venturing out into the great unknown,but last night hardy souls (well 4 of us) ventured down into the Jilliby hinterland (and hippy haven) for our regular slot fix,racing was at Robs,back onto the Classic Scaley track and its challenging layout.


Should be mentioned before I get into the results that Rob has the high distinction of having ,what must be,the only fully functional working version of Startline in captivity,certainly worth the trip to witness this rather rare and hard to find artifact.


So,onto the nights racing.


Welcome to Mark(miveson),hope you enjoyed the nights racing,I don't think it will be long before you will be banging doors with the rest of us Mark,if last night was any indication,good to have you along.



Ninco NC1 magnet 13 volts


1. Viv MacLaren GTR F1 19 points

2. Terry Porsche 911 GT1 17

3. Mark MacLaren GTR F1 10

4. Rob Ferrari F50 10


Classic Sports 13 volts


1. Terry Essex Wire Cobra 20 points

2. Mark Jaguar XK120 13

3. Viv Ferrari 250LM 13

4. Rob Ferrari 275P 10


SCX F1 13 volts


1. Terry Ferrari 17 points

2. Viv MacLaren 16

3. Rob Ferrari 15

4. Mark Ferrari 8


LeMans GT 13 volts


1. Terry SCX C6R Corvette 19

2. Viv Ninco Callaway 17

3. Rob Carrera Ferrari 575 11

4. Mark Scaleauto NC2 Merc 9


Sports Sedans 12 volts


1. Terry Porsche 911 GT1 16 points

2. Viv Camaro 17

3. Rob Seat Cordoba 11

4. Mark Saleen 9


Some very close racing and as usual loads of bs ,great night!


Many thanks to Liz and Rob for having us over for a very enjoyable night.



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