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The 2nd livery of the Slot.it Mercedes 190e DTM has just been released. Should be available from a pusher near you.





Chassis: Podded

Motor: Slot.it V12/4 (MX15) 21,000rpm 150g*cm 7.9 watts @12V mounted as Inline

Axle & Gears - 2.38mm (3/32nd)

Gearing: Crown 28t - Pinion 9t brass

Has adjustable height front axle - this requires optional M2.0 Hex screws not supplied with car

Hubs: 15.8mm x 8.3mm - plastic front, alloy rear

Tyres front and rear: Product code PT1228C1

M2 allen key under box for rear hubs and for optional screw for front axle adjustment

SSD Upgradable: Yes, use Slot.it SP15b

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Slot.it have advised they will be shipping the first livery of the beautiful Ferrari 312 B2 when they reopen from summer holidays. I expect we will see it in our part of the world in 2 or 3 weeks.







Chassis: Podded
Motor: Slot.it PMX01 FF-030  24,500rpm mounted as inline
Axle & Gears - 2.38mm (3/32nd)
Gearing: Robust Hewland style 3 gear-box to provide torque & braking unique to Policar
Z1: Pinion is 9T brass
Z2: Step-down gear 25/16T Plastic
Z3: Crown 17T Brass

Hubs: front 14.4mm x 8.3mm - plastic

Hubs: Rear 14mm x 12mm - Alloy
Tyres front: Product code PT1220C1

Tyres rear: Product code PT1219F22

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