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Test Drive At Pezzwa's

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G'day Everyone


Just wanted to let you all know about Pezzwa's track.


I made the 40 odd minute drive to visit Pezzwa on Saturday arvo and check out his new track. Took along my very good friend and his lovely wife to help.


For a first attempt at a permanent layout I was most impressed, it was hard to find fault with any aspect of the design. The track was quite smooth even in the elevated sections. One minor trouble spot at the top of the up-ramp (which Pezzwa was aware of anyway and is still improving) which caused the longer lower cars to deslot. But apart from that I thought the track layout was very interesting. There a numerous over-taking areas, the straight is long enough to get a good turn of speed and overall the track flows really well. I would be happy to race on Pezzwa's track anytime. :P


Speaking for the visitors I can say we had a most enjoyable few hours with Pezzwa and his girl friend, who by the way is not half bad as a slot car driver.


My sincere thanks to you both for allowing us in your home and for giving us the chance to run on your track.


Of course you both have an open invitation to visit the Gallows Raceway anytime.

'til next time close racing


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thanks for coming over guys, it was good to meet some enthusiasts

and learn a bit about tuning


you are all welcome back

it was a fun afternoon of casual driving


as long as its got wheels

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sorry guys...


i put the shout out


those who replyed came along.... and we had a ball!


maybe next time....






as for the up ramp i'll get some pics up later, but here what i did,


the up ramp is one full straight and one half straight(ninco track)

in basic talk i put a gental curve on these two bits by rolling it on the edge of a bench, so if you sat it on the ground it is lifted in the center aproximatly one inch

that worked great, and nothing bottoms out on it. then where the lower section meets it i just raised it a bit for a smooth transaction

as long as its got wheels

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