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What's The Best Method?

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Hi Guys,


I am looking at turning one of my Commodores into a HRT and "want to know what is the best method to remove the original livery.


I have used a very fine wet & dry paper before but have also read of other methods like "oven cleaner".






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I use oven cleaner myself for removing old enamel paint, but it also removes tampo printing, chrome plating, etc. So you should be able to use it on the commodore, but beware, it will remove everything, probably even the painted on headlights.


The other thing is to make sure it is not one of the "non-caustic" types of oven cleaner, as they don't work. Mr Muscle used to make a really effective one that would strip even thick layers of paint off very quickly, but the modern ones aren't as strong, and you will need to use a bit of elbow grease, maybe even a scourer (plastic type to minimise scratching), and it may take several attempts. You will need to leave the cleaner on the car for several hours for best effect, and spray on liberal amounts. Its only a couple bucks per can, so its not expensive.


Good luck,




Thanks Phil,


I'll give it a try, i have heard that oven cleaner works but as yet no one has confirmed it.







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