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Track Scenery bits and pieces FREE POSTAGE in Australia

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I should have done this before now but you know how it is.... often thinking "I'll use that one day" and I haven't, so time to move these on,










Just a brief description on what we have;


The Good Year bridge can be used to span a 3 lane tracks (my old track was), has rarely been out of its box.


The spectators are as displayed 21 characters all up, these ,I believe, are from Scalextric.


The "grandstand" is new old stock, bought way back from Roland at SlotCar Shop in Sydney, still has its original bag and is as shown.


Not including postage, I'm looking for anything over $100 which I reckon is a very fair price for all this lot, 


I will have to calculate postage costs but I'm thinking anywhere in Australia should be around $15, but I can only confirm that once you give me your postcode, I can post overseas no problems.


Just to get this lot moving I'll pay for postage within Australia, 


Thanks for any interest please contact me through Auslot





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Free postage within Australia!



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