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Sports Racer

2021 Touring Car Proxy Round 10 - Peter's

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Well here it is, the last round.

At last.

No more racing after this round.

We're finished.




Racing will be on one of Peter's tracks depending on which timing setup is working.

This is his old track which has been braided recently. Was copper tape.


This is Peter's other track, now parked next to the one above. It's also braided now.


The last round will be this Saturday afternoon. :)

Please control your excitement.

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May the downforce be with you.

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great serie guys... event if i am targeting the wooden spoon, i hope you enjoy driving it.  Thanks a lot. Next trip to Canberra i am stopping by:).

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Round 10 was run on the 3 laner (with the looooong straight) and there were some surprises.

Lance almost won the round, losing to 1st place 32coupe by only .03 of a lap and beating my car by almost a lap. Rounding out the top 5 were Alvaro and Dixie. The top 5 were so close that Dixie almost beat my car.

Biggest surprise was Shaynus's car finally showing it's true potential - there's a video somewhere of it staying with 32coup's car for a couple of laps.

The race wasn't without incidents though. The gearmesh on old man's car lasted until the final few laps before giving up. Perfectly built to last the 10 round series.

Also, a lot of cars wouldn't survive another round or 2. Braid wear is so bad that there's not much left on the cars that opted to run soft braid (including mine).

So, drumroll please, the much anticipated results to the last round of the world's longest running proxy.

Name Round 10 Laps Round 10 Lap Time Round 10 Points
32coupe 54.61 6.153 25
lancelot 54.58 6.262 24
Sports Racer 53.77 6.289 23
Alvaro 53.67 6.345 22
Dixie 53.50 6.361 21
Nev 53.06 6.411 20
Aloha 52.92 6.280 19
sticks 52.75 6.453 18
Peter Gunn 52.66 6.577 17
Shaynus 51.90 6.497 16
DP201 51.70 6.268 15
bov 51.31 6.580 14
jimmyslots 1950 51.29 6.589 13
Brooksy 51.28 6.734 12
BrumosRSR 50.84 6.515 11
Nonfractal 50.45 6.670 10
ArroldN 49.47 6.734 9
Supercharged 49.07 6.677 8
JohnnieE  48.87 6.757 7
BARacer 48.08 6.918 6
old man 46.76 6.945 5
ALS 46.71 6.765 4
curef99 45.19 7.198 3
Pepsi62 45.08 7.277 2


Videos to come.

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May the downforce be with you.

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Great Lap time but my worst result of the series. 
Congratulations to the winners and all the runners for making it to the end! Particularly after all this time. 
Thanks to Paul and Alvaro in particular for being stalwart drivers throughout and to all the track owners.  
Race on!

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Top 10 placing! B)

Whoop! :lol:

Hopefully the next proxy is 20 rounds...:P

Thank you and well done to all involved, especially Sports Racer. Without drivers and tracks proxies cannot happen.

Well done to all the entrants,  especially those at the pointy end. It gives us mere mortals further down the pecking order something to aim for! :D

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