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Wdmcrg Round Four 2006

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I have decided to put this report up only a week after the races this time as Bo got a second and deserves a mention. My win has nothing to do with it.


We also had a record number of racers on the night with 17 so Bo pushed the heats through in fast succesion. Almost need to set up a track in a warehouse now. Thought for future.


The big surprise of the night was Joe's form/luck, but you can't win all the time.


First round for the night was the V8 host class. This is the one we all want to win and it was hard fought as usual. I have found it to be the one where you must go flat out from the start and not let up at all. At least it works for me anyway. Devious Dave as usual is at the top of the runners and always consistent. Here are some pics. We had 16 runners for this round with 17 in the two following.



Lowndes had a holeshot in the first heat with Ambrose last but already having a go at his old sparring partner Mad Murph.



Murph shows a clean pair of heals in this heat. Again the Ambrose car was slow and proved so all night. Was easy to deslot and had to be driven cautiously.



Ambrose actually led early in this heat. After a hard fought round the results were:

1st Vinno 59.25 laps

2nd Devious Dave 58.35 laps

3rd Jamie 58.20 laps courtesy of faster lap.

4th Chris 58.20 laps

5th Bo 58.10 laps

6th Joe 57.55 laps

7th Big Al 57.10 laps

8th Clinton 57.05 laps

then came Daniel, Nigel, Charlie, Rob, Gary, Cameron, Craig and Michael.



Nascars were the next up and there was a mix of old inline old sidewinders and new generation cars. The new cars did prove faster but only Devious Dave ended up having success with themwith the older cars proving to be better sorted. This pic sums up Joe's night with a deslot of the new car into the first corner. Bo leads out here with Devious on far inside of newcomer Schuey driving Joe's old Taurus.



Bo again in front of the Devious one.



Turn three hairpin.

Results were:

1st Devious Dave 89.95 laps

2nd Vinno 88.90 laps

3rd Jamie 88.45 laps

4th Bo 88.25 laps

5th Clinton 86.10 laps

6th Chris 84.15 laps

7th Charlie 83.05 laps

8th Joe 82.90 laps

then came Paul, Rob, Nigel, Daniel, Craig, Cameron, Al, Michael(Schuey), Gary



Last round of the night was Fly Classic cars. This is the first corner but I can't identify who it is here as there were more than one of these cars running. Heres Nigel on the outside with Michael on the inside.



This was the place of much carnage during the night as the squeeze into this turn catches out the unwary. One of the lucky groups to get through. Thise SCX barriers on the outside sure saved a few cars.



I caught this lot in the act of flying. Chevron gets cleaned up by yellow 908 with following 908 in white lane deslotting and launching.

Results were:

1st Jamie 95.40 laps

2nd Bo 94.40 laps

3rd Joe 94.20 laps at least he still got a podium with old faithful. May need a new motor though.

4th Devious Dave 94.10 laps

5th Paul 92.25 laps

6th Clinton 90.60 laps

7th Vinno 90.25 laps

8th Chris 89.10 laps

then came Rob, Gary, Charlie, Nigel, Craig, Daniel, Al, Cameron and Michael.


Good to see some new racers and also some good performances. Notable of these was Chris who was equal third in the host class but bumped due to a slower fastest lap. Clinton also is moving up the field and Bo's pace is now more consistent. The top is closing up now.

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Thanks Vinno I for 1 enjoy the pics of the events .not as good as being there but better than nothing keep it up. the pics that is :unsure:

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