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Wdmcrg Round Three 2006

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Finally remembered to post up the pics friom our last round. I am three weeks late but who's counting?


We were running our Ninco Porsche 934 class with NC1 motors along with Restricted Rally and Ninco JGTC cars.


Racing was at Joe's on his Scalextric Classic track.



There were some more repaints courtesy of Devious Dave but he couldn't make it himself so just had his race team there to represent him.



Not much o report in the end in the Porsche class as we had the laptop with the race results in it die part way through the races. With so many people racing there was no way we would restart again so we went on to the next round.



Rally cars at least gave us a result. We also had two new guys come along one who is Gazza on the forum and Craig who is the owner of the fantastic rally track shown recently by Gary. Joe as usual at the front with Charlie's Citroen Viv's Corolla and Nigel almost out of view.



Bo with 1of the two other cars not being SCX in this class leads here in the Ninco Porsche Rally.



Greg leads Pauls late model Ninco NC1 Suby into the corner.

Results ended with

1st Joe

2nd Al with Joe loan car.

3rd Vince

4th Bo first other make

5th Paul

6th Nigel

7th Cameron then Viv, Chris, Charlie, Greg, Craig and Gary.



Last up was JGTC cars. Here Chalie runs his Supra Club car with NC5 fitted against Viv's Denso Supra of which there were three.



Joe does a runner here leading Bo in the first Denso from Viv and Craig with my loan Honda.



Here Bo leads a Sliding Nigel Al and Chalie. Results were

1st Joe

2nd Vince same number of laps but Joe got a faster lap

3rd Nigel

4th Paul

5th Al

6th Charlie

7th Viv then came Craig, Bo, Gary, Cameron and Chris.


Next Round is at Bo's Next week with Fly Classics, Scalextric Nascars and Host V8's.

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