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Bereavement - “The Professor” of Professor Motor

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Sad news to relay, Andy Smith, founder of Professor Motor Inc. died yesterday.

He has contributed a huge amount to slot racing not just in USA but around the world, with their own brand controllers and other products, and with a massive product range distribution across the globe.

He is survived by his really lovely wife Bonnie. His son Oliver runs the business these days.

A copy and paste from their own site is a suitable obituary 
Professor Motor Biography


Professor Motor is, in reality, one Mr. Andrew Smith (please call me "Andy"). I was born in Providence, Rhode Island and grew up in the beautiful countryside of the "Amish Country" in Lancaster, PA. Along the way a strong interest was formed in engineering, motorsports and model car racing that has developed into a lifelong passion and vocation. Current interests include the collection and racing of vintage 1960’s model racing cars on commercial and club racing tracks in diverse venues on the third big rock from the sun and the enjoyment of numerous motorsports related venues.

New News !  In December of 2001 I retired from Ford Motor Company after almost 30 years to devote full time to the Professor Motor slot car business.  To work on this project for me is a dream come true & realization of a lifelong passion ....

Slot Car Racing Background

  • Owner / operator of the "Family Hobbies & Cones Company" Slot Car Raceway (closed 8/87)
  • Professionally sponsored slot racer for JK Products Chicago
  • Proud holder of numerous trophies, track records, honors over several decades of model motorsports
  • Professionally sponsored slot racer for the "Lancaster Hobbies" Slot Racing Team – 1967, Lancaster, Pennsylvania
  • Operator of the Family Hobbies, Lancaster Hobbies & YMCA slot racing tracks – 1960’s
  • Organizer and promoter of the USRA National Slot Racing Championships – Family Hobbies & Cones Company - 1986
  • Organized and promoted the Slot Racing World Championships in Grand Raceway, Chicago 1989 – responsible for organizing the participation of 21 countries in this event, managing a budget of $150,000 cash provided (in Brussels, Belgium) by the Onyx Formula One racing Team
  • Winner of the Pepsi 500 International Group 15 (Wing Car) slot car race – Grand Prix Raceway – Cincinnati, OH 1984
  • Winner of the "Three Hours of Euroslot" Endurance Race with my son Tim as a racing partner – June 25, 1988 Grand Raceway, Chicago – winning over the Italian Worlds Champion and 50 total entries from 13 countries – Euroslot Slot Racing Worlds Championships
  • Organized, promoted and developed the Midwest USRA slot racing series – 1980’s
  • Developed, organized and promoted the IMCA (International Micro Car Association) scale slot racing series in the United States – this became the foundation of scale slot racing as known today in the US
  • Ranked 5th in the world IOC (International Order of Champions) points – 1980’s 
  • Designer of the solid state electronic Trinity (Slot Works) slot racing controller
  • Designer of the Trinity Slot Works "Spyder" chassis
  • Assembled 5000+ Trinity Slot Works slot cars developing tooling and fixtures to improve assembly productivity
  • Designer and developer of a number of upcoming slot racing products for major manufacturers in the hobby industry
  • Long history of racing experience starting in 1961 with rail racing cars, through slot car drag racing, wing type cars, open wheel cars, sprints, sports cars, pickup trucks, eurosports, HO, 1/32 and 1/24 scales

Motorsports Background

  • Member in good standing (through 2002) of the Ford Motorsports Enthusiast club
  • Driven in a Ferrari Testarosa tuned to 650 HP at 215 mph in Europe with a driver who placed second in Le Mans 24 Hour
  • Long suffering British sports car owner and familiar with incantation used to dispel mysterious vehicle electrical concerns associated with the "Prince of Darkness" in these vehicles (Lucas Electrical) – Jaguars, MGs, Triumphs, Austin Healy
  • Watched Nikki Lauda win the British Grand Prix in Brands Hatch
  • Watched the 1960’s duel between Ford Cobras and Chevrolet Corvettes at Watkins Glen, New York
  • Observer at the Michigan International Speedway when the late Greg Moore pinched Emerson Fittipaldi into the wall at over 200 MPH, causing his retirement from the only real "Indy Car" racing
  • Toured a great number of motorsports museums including the sensational Donnington park, in the UK
  • Driven big bore motorcycles in excess of 130 mph on winding country roads in Lancaster, PA
  • On site to observe the 1997 Le Mans 24 Hour endurance race at "Le Circuit de la Sarthe"
  • Long term fan and aficionado of many forms of auto racing and other forms of motorsports 


  • Model Racing International Magazine
  • Numerous technical reports and high level management reviews up to the CEO of Ford Motor Company
  • www.professormotor.com web based motorsports and model racing
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Recovering Slot Addict :ph34r:  *  Custodian of many used screws (mostly loose :rolleyes:)  *  Total kidder  *  Companion of other delusional slot addicts :lol:  

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