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Track 2

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Started a new build to get back the garage for parking another car in, funnily enough. 3 x tables are 2400x1200 each



Losing elevation changes and an overpass the last track had, hinges are quite close to the walls, but a happy compromise to still have a track.

Routing done, pretty simple lay out but hopefully allow for some decent car speeds even in corners.

Starting to paint, going for a smooth gloss enamel finish for best grip and least tyre wear:




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Hi Caddo - that's nice work !

So, for us old dudes, that's 12' down the side and 16' across the back?

Where do think you'd place the drivers and marshals?

If I may be so bold, I might suggest seating a marshal on a lower version of that wooden stool where that one is - next to the vacuum cleaner. And then run a oci-strap / bungy cord type of rope from one corner of the track to the other ( behind that marshal ) - and then the drivers have to stand behind the rope.

So no driver is in anyone's line of sight whilst racing - but you could 'stretch the cord' to place / remove your car from the track...

Just a thought...  :)

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There's only two questions:


1. What direction do you go

2. What's the Lap Record?

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Sounds good Tony, hadn't thought of that :D Hoping the track is simple enough that only the inner corner you mention will need marshalling, and the 2 hairpin ends.

Always the call button as a last resort.

Thanks for the tip

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Mostly finished painting and braid on 2 lanes. Couple of quick vids on ghost mode




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