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1/32 size Wire Wheel suitable for Ninco Classic slot cars

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1/32 size Wire Wheel suitable for Ninco Classic slot cars


This model makes use of multi-part modeling and disabling the “clip multi-part objects” option in PrusaSlicer to force each spoke to be printed across the perimeters of the other parts of the wheel for secure adhesion at both ends.

While the spokes and knock-offs are not the exact same as OEM Ninco Classic wheels, the rim and rib sizes are the same, so will take a tire made to fit those wheels. The hub will probably need to be carefully reamed, or a THWACK mallet can be used to knock the axle into the wheel. Careful not to ream it too big, or it will be wobbly!

The spokes are designed with a .4x.4mm cross section, which is two layers using a standard .4mm nozzle and standard .2mm layer thickness. I cannot speak to how well this will print using other nozzle sizes or layer thicknesses.

My prints pictured are proof of concept. It's likely that they can be made better with better quality filament and some settings tweaking, especially for flow and speed while printing the spokes.

I did not include STL files because of the nature of these models and the required settings in the slicer to make them print properly.


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