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Wdmcrg Round One 2006

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I will give this another try. Have been having modem problems the last couple of days so I have not had much luck staying online for more than 10 minutes.


We had our first round for the year last Saturday the 15th of January.


First races for the night were restricted open wheelers. These were limited to SCX cars and Ninco F1 and Indy Cars with NC1 engines.



The first heat saw all SCX cars with two Minardi's one Jordan and a modern Ferrari F1. Jamie's Minardi showed the way on the night.



There were surprisingly little accidents especially as we were running open wheelrs on Scalextric Classic track.



The results for the night ended up as follows.

1st Jamie 93.95 laps

2nd Joe 93.90 laps

3rd Rob 93.25 laps

4th Vince 91.00 laps first Ninco car

5th Bo 89.45 laps then cameCharlie, Daniel, Cameron, Al, Chris and newcomer Damien.


Next up were Ninco NC1 Classics. A couple of Monogram Mustangs were running with NC1 motors courtesy of Bo and Al.



Through the hairpins and jamie leads Joe Daniel and Cameron.



This is how Bo and Al ran through this heat. Both Finished on 13.1 laps.



Charlie has the team Healy wound up here with Robs Ferrari next to him and Damien sideways behind them. Joe is already off on his way in front.

1st Jamie 60 laps

2nd Joe 59.3 laps

3rd Vince 58.1 laps

4th Damiel 58 laps

5th Paul 57.2 laps then came Rob, Charlie, Damien, Cameron, Al, Bo and Chris.



Our last round for the night was the JGTC Ninco Cars. There were plenty of different liveries here even Charlies Club car with an NC5 fitted as per the regs.



Carnage inthis heat from the start meant a restart.



Al lead this heat early on.

1st Joe 102.3 laps

2nd Vince 101.25 laps

3rd Jamie 99.9 laps

4th Bo 95.8 laps

5th Paul 95.35 laps then Daniel, Charlie, Chris, Rob, Al, Cameron and Damien.

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How come there's 5 cars in the carnage shot? Is that Joe's secret, he has 2 cars like the Duracel ad, one hidden under the bridge? :)

May the downforce be with you.

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As per my comment above. Has anyone been having problems with their cable internet dropping out? I have heard the internet providers are now pushing ADSL which is an inferior product to broadband.


The reason: broadband is too expensive to maintain. It sounds like the bad old days when your dialup internet would mysteriously drop out causing you to keep phoning to get online again. This of course would push up the phone bill and help them sell more broadband.


Why push an inferior product? It's cheaper for the providers but costs us more.


As for the five cars I can't answer that.

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Vince, I think that it could be a reflection, if you look at the blue car at the rear it looks the same in reverse if that makes any sense ?

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