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Mako Quick Change Drill Handle (pin vice)

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While waiting for the garage to do a WOF today I visited the local Warehouse to fill in time and this is what I found.

Mako Mako Quick Change Drill Handle | The Warehouse -

It's got a 'three gripping collet on head' which is basically a miniature drill chuck and includes 9 drill bits. It feels as good as a pin vice that I paid more than 3x the amount which can't take anywhere near the range of drill sizes.


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Hi Bram,

I've been using one of these, or something that looks identical for quite a few years now - only suggestion I have is to put some teflon lube into the hand end bearing... makes it a lot more comfortable when doing those pesky holes into brass and the like..


Mine didn't come with drill bits - $7 - for the lot, what a bargain. Your LHS will charge you more than that for just a couple of the drill bits..

Whilst we're on the subject, if you have a Dremel - get the three jaw chuck for that too... Bunnings have them for around $24... an invaluable aid for fitting bits to a Dremel...saves messing around with spanners and different collet sizes...



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I picked up one of those from eBay - $12 include 36 drill bits of various sizes from 0.5mm - 3mm including some of those fine drills that have a large shaft on them.


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9 hours ago, Sports Racer said:

Who knows where to find the Quick Change Drill Handle in Australia?


17 hours ago, big den said:

Do you happen to have a link to the appropriate eBay site, DM?



Only one I can find that’s already landed from China 



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