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Loctite super glue

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4 minutes ago, kalbfellp said:

I tried this on NSR to see if it was any better than cheap Super Glue. It did seem to hold the tyres longer, but the glue went off in the container very quickly,even stored in the fridge.

They need to make super glue in 1 use only size Phil ....that about all i get out of one,  by the time I go back to a newly opened tube a day or so later the cap is glued on that hard I have to pliers it off...which usually destroys the plastic cap anyway.

And I'm not sure if my wife would be all that chuffed if I tried to store in the fridge :-)


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I've used the Selley's Quick Fix Supa Glue in the Stand Up Tube for years now.

Sticks well to most plastics, great for MDF, glues tyres to the wheels etc.

Unless you knock it over and lay it down it won't block the spout or glue the cap in place.

Kept standing it will last until it's all used.

Only problem I have found lately is that it is out of stock at most Bunnings.


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