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SMS paint

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Hi folk,

I vaguely recall having started a thread on this paint - but can't find it using the search engine... 

I have been swamping an OP's thread on enamel retarder and will start the discussion here in a thread of its own.

I have been using SMS paints for some time now - I have found them to be exceptional as they are supplied - the premium range is pre-thinned and good to go after giving a good mix up.... 

I use a number of Badger airbrushes - all gravity fed and my current preferred one is a Patriot 105 with a large cup.... I can spray SMS Premium paints at around the 10 - 12 psi.... the brush allows me to do fine detail work at a slightly lower pressure, but I find 10 - 12 psi is good for broad coverage and will "gloss up" after a few very light mist coats to etch into the primer or previously sprayed top coats which have been rubbed down.

SMS has been developed by a fellow modeler - he has a page on Facebook and I am really plussed that he responds quickly to any discussion or questions raised concerning his products or their use.

The paint is simply superb and I cannot recommend highly enough that members should souce this great product out and at least give one bottle a try... 

Unlike Tamiya, this paint will cure out quickly and I have found it does not leave unwanted finger marks after handling... which I have had great disappointment with in the Tamiya acrylic range.

At the start of SMS home page, Scott goes into a great depth to explain what a true acrylic lacquer is... 

He has recently opened up a factory and expanded the business... I have mailed him hoping that he will not sell out to a corporate magnate, nor will allow this great business to fold under purchase by an international company (like so many other Oz great products/inventions have).. he assures me, SMS will remain in its own right until he takes his last breath.

Folk here are going to ask - "can the paint be hand brushed?"... well, the premium range is not intended for hand painting.... but I have had limited success with it.

SMS now offer a second range, which is much thicker and dedicated to hand brush painting.. it is only available at retailers and that in on the proviso that they stock this latter range... so, if you want the brushable version - go pester you LHS... 

You can order the premium range on line and SMS will ship it to you.

The "Ultra Clear" kit comes with four bottles... two of the part A, one part B and a bottle of thinners.... mix ratio is 20 parts A, 10 parts B and 3 parts (10% of final) thinners.

I have found this to be a most wonderful and satisfying top coat. It results in a rock hard yet flexible finish - with a depth that has to be seen to be believed - however, be warned... it's 2 pack (2K) and contains iso-cyanate.. very nasty stuff.... full protective gear must be worn and I would suggest the further use of a small easily constructed spray booth with some exhaust fans... I don't know if I have put up a thread on a simply spray booth that I made up and now use for airbrushing - works a treat.


So folk, happy to answer further questions on this great Oz product.. I will give a report on applying Ultra Clear over Patto's decals and also over Molotow chrome when I do some testing... so far, very good over previously floor polish coated of the above...




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From memory I think it was merged in with your lathe thread Rosco

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Cheers Grant


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Thanks Grant,

bit messy, tended to scatter stuff all over the place when I was turning wheels on the lathe... 

This thread should allow me to move to and fro over time.. 



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