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lenny broke

2021 Tasman Cup Proxy - The Wrap up

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Hi  All

Most of the cars are going into the post this morning and back to their owners. The local cars will be hand delivered back to, or picked up by their owners, though there are a couple that have asked to delay sending their cars back.  I'll hold them here until I get the word to send them back.

Once again thanks to the entrants for trusting us to play with your little gems. I know the drivers really enjoyed racing them all and some have been inspired to say that they will be building cars for next year. Also thanks to the people that conducted the rounds this year, The Hosts, Drivers and Helpers. Without you guys we wouldn't have a series.

It looks like you'll be stuck with me running things again so I hope to see you all back again for another jaunt around the country. Hopefully we'll see Victoria back on the itinerary again and we can go back to 6 rounds. And hopefully we'll be less affected by the virus and we can get back to some sort of normalcy in our lives.



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Thanks for all the hard work put in to get this up and running, i,m afraid this year i found it hard to get into the series , agree with the comments about Covid and other factors  so much going on in all our lives , just hope our governments stop making the same mistakes over and over again .

Hopefully next year we might be able to get the feeling back into our slot racing , and we can all put more input into it, stay safe where ever you are

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Thank you, Alan for making this year's series possible.

I don't believe anyone can appreciate the effort demanded for running such an event - the collecting, scrutineering, and dispatch to the next round.... not to mention the responsibility for the thousands of hours of work that competitors have committed to thier entries.

Further, to the hosts and drivers (and support staff) who conducted each round - thank you.


And finally, to the entrants - I am always impressed with the very high standard of entries which have been created - both in presentation, and performance.

It is indeed a most wonderful opportunity to re-live the history of our competition motoring past, but also to replicate those amazing machines which created it.

Thank you, every one of those whom my little effort enjoyed the opportunity to compete against.... and their creators.


I look forward to again entering next year's series - and yes, let's all hope that next year - we will be free to enjoy a life without this dastardly virus having control of our lives.... 


Again, thank you to all involved in this year's series.




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Thanks to all involved in the running of this series and especially to Alan for making it happen.

I'll definitely be back next year.

Cheers,  Peter 

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Hi Lenny/Alan. Cars arrived today. Thanks for their quick and safe return. Regards Charles Le Breton (charlesx)

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