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lenny broke

And The Winner Is........

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Congratulations to Paulslots for a great victory in this years Tasman Cup proxy Series with his Beautifully prepared and presented Ferrari 1512. Paul has been a regular entrant is the series and this year it has paid off with a well deserved series win on top of the two round wins.

Well done mate!!!

The series winning car with the "Tasman Cup"


And the man himself


The top three together.


Though Brumos RSR tied with Sdeamon on points for third, his round 4 win was the tie breaker.

Thanks to everyone who entered this year and thank you to the track owners who hosted and made sure the series ran smoothly. It's very reassuring that these guys make sure the cars are looked after and can be relied upon to get the round run and the cars moved onto the next round promptly, especially in these challenging times we now find ourselves in. Also a thankyou to the drivers who I believe got the best out of every car they drove without destroying them and finally to the helpers/ marshals who made the rounds run without even getting a chance to race the cars.

Hopefully we can run the series again next year and I look forward to seeing everyone back again for another series.

Cheers ,




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thanks for putting on the series. Lots of work and effort behind the scenes for you  and the missus..

Well done to all  entrants for building these great little cars.

All the track owners, drivers and marshals who help and run the events. Could not be done without you  lot.

In all I am surprised at how well my  little car went. Was a quick build over many months. When time would allow. 

All my past cars were OK, but not good enough. Something to put into next years race. 

Well done to Alan and Brumos

Both  racers we held in Adelaide were hard fought and conditions on the day  played a major part in the results.


Thanks again,



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Try Harder, if you dont fail your not trying hard enough

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