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Atlas Brabham

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Hi all.

Was after some help regarding the wheels on the Atlas Brabham.

I have been given 3 of these cars from a mate to restore, all purchased separately from different people over the years but all have the same wheels.

My thinking is that they must have come with these wheels being that all 3 are the same.

But when I look up the Atlas Brabham on the net they all show different wheels.

Here's one.


And a close up of the wheels.


And all 3 with the same wheels.


This is a pic I found on the net which shows what all the other Atlas Brabham I have found have.


Pretty much the same as what were on the Atlas Ferrari I restored some time back.


Are/where these aftermarket wheels fitted at a later date or are they the original wheels.

I'll probably make a mold of the best Brabham as the other 2 have damage to the bodies, one is cracked across the nose, the other in 3 pieces.

All 3 chassis are in excellent condition, just need new tyres and screens and the exhaust pipes extended where they have snapped off.

I believe John (Munter) makes the screens so will be hitting him up for some.

As always, any help is appreciated.






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It looks like the rims are on backwards and the knock offs are not standard, ....as far as I know.

John Warren

Slotcars are my preferred reality

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Even if the rims are turned around they still don't look right, with the inner part still sticking out.

All 3 have solid axles unlike the 2 Atlas Ferraris I have which have the threaded axles with locking nuts.

Just weird that all 3 were purchased separately but have the same wheels.

These have like a 'Collet' type fitting to hold them to the axle.


This is how they look the other way round




Either way they don't look right,  just wanted to know if it was just a coincidence that all 3 have the same wheels or were made like this.



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G'day Matt

I think what you've encountered here is the age-old identity crisis of Atlas versus Marusan, USA versus Japan.

Both companies used almost identical packaging with only the names changed to protect the innocent ... or perhaps the guilty?

I'm fairly certain that the wheels on your Brabhams with those odd-looking oversized 'knock-offs' are Japanese in origin ... I've seen them before.

While Munter has commented that the wheels appear to be on backwards I'm not sure that I agree either... they would look even more ridiculous if they were the other way round.

Perhaps the best way to determine whether they are Marusan or Atlas is to check the  axle diameter ... Japanese manufacturers used 3mm, US manufacturers used 1/8th.



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Cheers for the information Den.

I'll check the axle sizes and see what they are.

I know the bodies are definitely Atlas Brabham as it has it stamped inside.

I'll have to grab the Ferrari which I restored for my mate (in the first post) and check the chassis etc and compare.

I also checked in the box of stuff he gave me and the other Atlas Ferrari has the same wheels as the 3 Brabham's.



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Just checked the chassis's on the 3 Atlas Brabham's and the Ferrari which I have.

Here's a photo of what these 4 have.


Although very similar to the original Atlas Ferrari I restored they differ slightly.

Here's a photo I put up a couple of years back of the Atlas Ferrari chassis before it was cleaned and fitted to the Ferrari.


The main differences being the axle size like Den has said, and the brass plate under the rear of the chassis which is fixed to the rear axle.

Was just looking through some boxes and I have another one of the Atlas chassis's.

If you hadn't of mentioned the two different makes I would never have known.




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Hi Matt, Your Brabhams' are from Marusan,......likely from 1965 as a lot of their cars from this year were equipped with the "posi lok" wheels, and ,sadly those god awful 3 prong nuts. 

The good news is that all your cars have the AT206 motor (green wire arm.) which is considerably "hotter" than the AT406 (brown wire arm) as seen on your Atlas Ferrari 158


Chris Walker

PS a couple of shots of an Atlas Ferrari 158 done a few yeas ago.





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Thanks for the information on the motors Chris.

Nice Ferrari 158, looking forward to building the other one I have.

I suppose I'll keep one or two Brabham's with the posi-lock wheels but replace one with other wheels (probably the one I'll make from resin)

The shot of the chassis with the brass plate was apparently used on an Atlas Porsche or Ford Gt, thanks to a another forum member for this information.

I'm catching up with my mate today who has the Atlas Ferrari pictured in the first post, I just want to see what chassis was on that one to compare.




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