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alexis in greece

Greek independence day

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Nice one - The Turks will probably file a complaint at the reminder.... sigh ..... the age of woke-offence :)

Let me know when Naxos is receiving invaders again Alexis . . . 
Planning to land around the corner and walk back across the hill to here  - earliest opportunity -  just don't tell the government.


μπύρα, κρασί, ελιές, τυρί, ψωμί, σαλάμι, κεφτεδάκια, Τζατζίκι, Ριγκανάθα, Σπανακόπιτα . . . .  ah shoot, I put on 2kg just thinking about it.

Recovering Slot Addict :ph34r:  *  Custodian of many used screws (mostly loose :rolleyes:)  *  Total kidder  *  Companion of other delusional slot addicts :lol:  

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