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Another Nissan

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It seems strange that the last three new cars models I have announced from European manufacturers, have all been from this Japanese marque.
I guess with our markets having more focus on Japanese brands than Europe ever will, we sure can't complain that we are getting some Japanese models to add to our shed-load of Porsches, Mercs and Bimmers.
The announcement of this modern day GT-R came at Nuremberg in February, but the first livery was just confirmed on Friday. 
The problem one of my club members lamented this week as he looked at all the NSR, ScaleAuto, Black Arrow, Scalextric and now Slot.it GT3s on offer was that he can only race one on the night, already has several, but would really like several more... they are just such eye candy.

Like Slot.its first GT3 offering the Maserati MC-3, it is a sidewinder with 0.5mm offset, powered by their mid-range MX16 23k motor.
Scheduled release is Q3 next year.... I vote we skip straight from summer holidays straight to next spring, and leave out all the nasty cold winter months, so we see it sooner.




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