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Sports Racer

2020 Touring Car Proxy Round 9 - Matt's track

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Round 9 will be next week, sometime between 10 and 14 Nov.


It's another 3 laner. Short but sweet to race on and may look simple but it has a few spots that will catch you out if you push that fraction too hard.

Cars run clockwise from the starting line.



May the downforce be with you.

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You did well Dale, another podium but the battle between the brothers continues with Andrew taking the win last night.



The only car to have problems was ALS when something came loose inside the car and rubbed against one of the wheels in the last heat. Cost him a few places and moved him way down the field.

In practice my car set a blinding lap time 2/10ths faster than anyone else but that counts for nothing in the race. Alvaro drove Andrew's car like a man possessed and got him the fastest lap and 1st place. The track timing is set so it doesn't count laps faster than 4.000 so I was hoping Alvaro could beat that time.:D

All the other cars drove well but it looks like Yellowdogs ruled last night.


Name Round 9 laps Round 9 best lap time Round 9 Points
32coupe 121.16 4.184 20
Sports Racer 120.03 4.230 19
Aloha 114.72 4.424 18
Dave P 114.30 4.403 17
jimmyslots 1950 112.22 4.507 16
Supercharged 111.77 4.559 15
Lancealot 111.66 4.486 14
ArroldN 111.56 4.585 13
Brumos RSR 111.34 4.487 12
Alvaro 110.31 4.608 11
Peter Gunn 110.11 4.640 10
sticks 109.95 4.695 9
ALS 108.73 4.449 8
bov 107.99 4.747 7
reek455 106.74 4.691 6
Shaynus 106.68 4.677 5
curef99 105.82 4.804 4
Pepsi62 104.97 4.868 3



Videos from the night. The yellow lane is the fastest.

curef99, ArroldN, Pepsi


Supercharged, Shaynus, bov


Brumos, Alvaro, Sticks

Peter Gunn, reek, Lancealot


ALS, jimmy, Dave P


Sports Racer, Aloha, 32coupe


Drivers comments. 



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May the downforce be with you.

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The best tip I can give you is to start with your fastest car and put a touring car body on it. Stick a way too powerful motor in it and get it handling well then put in a legal motor so it's now real easy to drive.

Worked for me.

May the downforce be with you.

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As always, thanks  to those involved for braving the elements and running the night. By the sounds of the review video it was still a bit damp on the night! Good thing the roof wasn't leaking otherwise we would have to swap to wet tyres! ;)

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