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It's a Castrol said the Doctor

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Been a long time since we had any front page news update, so here is something slightly drool-worthy.
A new model, and in a rather pretty livery.  These are due sometime in November from them up in Reggio Emelia. 

It may not rival the local Lambrusco and Parmigiano Reggiano - what does unless it is the real aged Balsamic from down the road in Modena, but pretty nice anyway. I didn't even mention the bolognese sauce, parma ham, grana padano, provolone, pecorino...... oh sorry, slot cars.... 

It's a Datsun, a GT-R BRN32 Datsun - to be precise

This particular livery was the winner of the Macau Guia Touring Car race 1990.
It is fitted with the same drive train as the DTM Touring cars, and is designed to compete against them on the slot track.

Hopefully Slot.it will eventually release the BMW M3 of the era, which model competed in both DTM and at Macau 1989 to 1992 and other Asian Touring car rounds.
From 1991 the Mercedes 190e already released by Slot.it competed in the same Asian race series. …. I hope we can all see where this might be leading. [No I don’t know anything, just hoping]
Two more liveries of this model were announced at Nuremburg, roll on the Nissans







Chassis: Podded
Motor: Slot.it V12/4 21,000rpm 150g*cm 7.9 watts @12V (MX15)  mounted as Inline
Axle & Gears - 2.38mm (3/32nd)
Gearing: Crown 28t - Pinion 9t brass
Has adjustable height front axle - this requires optional M2.0 Hex screws not supplied with car
Hubs: 15.8mm x 8.3mm - plastic front, alloy rear
Tyres front and rear: Product code PT1228C1
M2 allen key under box for rear hubs and for optional screw for front axle adjustment

SSD Upgradable:  Yes, use Slot.it chip SP15b

Meanwhile my diet is ruined, off to the refrigerator.

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Looks better than the first pics

Waiting for the Calsonic one myself but I may be tempted to get that one as well now :)


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15 hours ago, SlotsNZ said:


Meanwhile my diet is ruined, off to the refrigerator.

...to get a Lambruschetta?

Cheers Grant


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3D Printed Adjustable Chassis..........3D Print Projects

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Will have a white kit and do one of the Aussie versions. Maybe not the Bathurst winning car as I am sure that will be on the Slot.it list. 

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