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Calderwood Valley

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We've moved house and no longer a Mountain Man but living in the Illawarra on the Southern Side of Wollongong. We've built a new house and I planned the Mancave from the start. 7m X 3m under the garage and fully waterproofed so the perfect spot to build a track.

I am planning a music wall as well which will have a lot of my Metal and Punk vinyl albums from back in the day when I get the time.

As I mentioned a while ago I picked up some Fleischmann track from a mate so thought I would add some Policar track with the adaptors available. At present I have 90% built the tables and set up a temporary track to test the new cars and have a bit of a play. I have about 22 metres of track in total so I should be able to build something of decent size but in the meantime I am enjoying just being able to drive some cars.



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2 hours ago, Yngwie said:

Hey Vince. Long time no speak. Track looks good. Congrats on the new place.


Hi John yes it has been a while. The track has had a few alterations and a heap of Policar extension pieces as well. I think I have settled on a layout now about 23 metres long but just mucking around playing with some cars and starting to work on setup for them for the time being. 

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