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Making large, detailed trees.

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I needed some larger trees for my Steve McQueen Le Mans Tribute layout, so here is a step by step tutorial on how I made them.

Start with a standard twig, and narrow a bit towards the top. This is about 14" tall. The trick is to find one that is fairly straight.


Next I drilled a bunch of 1/16th in holes in it, including the base. The holes in the trunk are for branches, the hole in the bottom is for a piece of wire to stick into the layout foam. You might find that for some branches you will have to ream the holes out a bit to make them bigger. I super glued the wire in place.


Next I added branches using a natural material marketed as "SuperTrees". It is sold by Scenery Express. I used gel super glue to glue the branches in place.


Next I sprayed the whole tree with flat, dark brown spray paint.


Next I spray painted the foliage parts using flat green. Don't worry if a little gets on the trunk, you can just mist the trunk a bit more w/the brown.


Finally, a misted on some spray adhesive & sprinkled on some "leaves". I got the leaves from Scenery Express.


Placed on the layout.


Looking up at 1/32 scale figure eye level. Any questions?


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Nice result - thanks for sharing. 

Instead of buying leaf material I soak foam and dish sponges in different shades of green paint and when dry drop them into an old blender to finely chop them up. Then follow the same technique. 

1/32 people are 54mm high or a little over 2 inches so trees need to be big - I think people forget that sometimes when doing scenery.



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