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alexis in greece

Tips on 3d printing rims

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I am sure that someone on this forum aked for tips on printing rims but could locate thepost so i started a new thread.I have tried PLA,PET,ABS and nylon.Nylon is good but very difficult to remove supports.ABS provides the best finish but grub screws chew threads.PLA is not strong enough.These leave us with one choice PET.I managed the first 4 rims so far with  100%  success.Data:

-the axle hole in the rim has a dia of 2,58,because i cannot ,so far,control the elephant foot effect inside the hole



-the grub screw holes have a dia of 2.34, i am using m2.5 grub screws  ,with m2 thread was too fine.

-i have created my own supports



Pins are .2mm dia and stand .1 mm off the rim body.

So my print consists of 5 parts:2 support rings,insert and spinner



and rim








To remove supports i put the print on top of a suitable tube and tap the center ,this removes the outer ring.Then squeeze the inner ring with a pair of pliers and cut it off

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Grub Screw holes and threads. I have been using 2 mm threaded inserts, helicoil type. They are fine do fit in a hole drilled 2mm and then threaded with a custom tap provided. The inserts screws in and now you have a hole equipped with steel threads. 

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This is something I've been mulling over too.  You could heat weld a threaded insert in then sleeve the outside with brass tube to prevent it expanding.  Another option is flats on the axle just wide enough for the grubscrew to sit in and just nip the screw up.

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