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Slot Car photos special day on motor racing facebook group

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For those on facebook, one of my favorite groups is "Old Motor Racing Photos - Australia" (which also features some NZ photos on occasion)

There are 20,000 members in that group and it is becoming quite a large archive of interesting photos from last century (up to 1978 as the group specifies)

Next week on Wednesday, it is slot car photos day... This is quite unusual, Bob Williamson, who runs the group (an ex Bathurst driver on a few occasions) has decided that is what it will be next week.

There are quite a few ex drivers in that group, such as KB, AJ, John Bowe, many many others as well as period photographers, historians, and journalists. And even a racer David King, whose mini was sposored by Scalextric in the 70's, you may have even seen an official Scalextric release of his 1:1 car which he still owns. So if you have created something special, here is the chance to put it under their noses. If anyone has some photos of interesting slot cars of Aussie race cars built before 1978 then find the group and post it. (it won't be approved until next Wednesday) Bob is quite specific that only Aussie (or NZ I would expect would be OK too) race car liveries prior to 1978 will be accepted for this one. If anyone is shy and don't want to post it themeselves, then I would be happy to send it in for you and make sure you are credited for your photo.

I also see this as an opportunity for some exposure for our hobby to an audience of historic motor racing fans.






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Got accepted and started looking through. Some great memories from the 80’s Oran Park and Amaroo club races. 

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