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Peter Gunn


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Was just thinking as i,m sitting here repairing my brothers slot it c class Nissan and Porsche 962,  he has no track to run them on, was wondering if it might be an idea after this virus is gone to open a discussion about running a proxy for the slot it c class cars.

I expect most of us have them and many of us on here do proxy racing , so possibly something like a standard class with the usual changes of braid tyres might be fairly easy to arrange amongst the track owners in OZ and NZ, what do you all think?.

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Hi Peter.

I would be in as long as rules clear. We run standard in NZ as a National class except for rear Slot-it N22 tyres which can be treated prior to event, grub screws for front axle and tape on bottom of body to act as dampener. Motor can be glued in and tyres glued and trued.

Regards Chas Le Breton (charlesx)

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This may be a useful start for discussion


Only Slot.It Group C cars
Rubber only tyres – same size as original wheel and tyre - tyre dia and width will be posted - wheels (tyre + rim) must be within 5% of the wheel size that came with the Slot.It model.
Slot it Front and Rear wheels stock size (same width and diameter) as stock but can be changed for any type of Slot.It wheel – TBC (wheels that were supplied during the production time of these cars) – must have inserts as per original style period correct.

Guide –open but needs to fit tracks with slots 6.5mm deep (no weight in guide) cannot be visible when car is viewed from above
Braid and wire – open
Chassis remains stock and pod configurations are open - maximum weight of car cannot exceed 95g 

No ground clearance specified
White kit bodies and interiors must be painted in a racing livery, real or fantasy with sponsor and at least 3 number decals - 
Exterior of body must be stock, with wing and mirrors, vents etc.
Suspension allowed
No weight or ballast that is visible underneath or above the car (guide, chassis, body etc)
Interior stock as per the model sold – no lightweight, all windows and driver as per original model - (white kits - interior must be complete and painted in a realistic manner - more than one colour)
Inside of the body and cockpit interior can be sanded and/or shaved - but the interior and car must look complete and detailed as per the original when viewed from the outside or through the window.
Mounting the body - Factory Body post mounting only

Body, wheels etc must maintain the original stance, arch/wheel clearance. Wheels must be centered in wheel arches, car must appear "normal" from the outside - as per original model. No slammed cars or low-riders!
Maximum motor RPM as per manufacturer - 23k (any configuration or type)


These are modified rules to the World Championship Proxy on another site.  There it's limited to Porsche 956 and 962

open chassis and body mounting.   

There are rules also regarding the Slot It Shootout that are available.  With the SISO there was a box stock class and an EVO CLASS with them running simultaneously.  

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Was thinking something more standard Brumos, basically out of the box with just the guide, braid, bit of weight and a tyre change , with the 23k motor in.

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Yeah - the World Championship Proxy ( which I'm tentatively in... ) is certainly 'put on your big boys pants time...' 

Still pondering which way to go on that one...

I think what PG is proposing is a version of SCI's slot.it Shootout. If it's suggested to do something similar, but within the ANZAC alliance, then I'd certainly support that - and host a round... I've hosted an Oz round of the Shootout for many ( over 10 ? ) years...

Sounds pretty good to me !


Going back over old records, there was a 'downunder' slot.it Grp C proxy back in 2011. These were the entrants:

Bov / Sauber C9 / #6
Bastumannen / Porsche 956C / #7
Obsidith / Porsche 956KH / #?
Espsix / Porsche 956C / #14
Tazracer / Porsche 956C / #54
Ged / Jaguar XJR9 / #2
Slittlehales / Mazda 787B / #55
Miveson / Mazda 787B / #6
Manimmal / Porsche 962KH / #17
Jack B / Porsche 956KH / #19
Chris P / Sauber C9 / #60
Shodan / Sauber C9 / #47

There were some pretty good cars amongst that field, as I recall....

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There's only two questions:


1. What direction do you go

2. What's the Lap Record?

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Yep that's what I was thinkIng after I posted BOV.  As of Sunday my box stock car is in pieces for a rebuild for the World Championship, an now this opportunity comes along .:D

Check out the link this will work 



Edited by Brumos RSR

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