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Peter Gunn

Return of a old girl

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Yep i expect we all have a place where old slot cars go which are no longer up to the job, i have the bottom drawer , inside lurks all those cars including a Ninco XK 120.

Never had a lot of luck with this car , chassis was not good , guide was ok but deslotted, car hopped and the motor was sluggish, so as i got better cars the old girl was assigned to the bottom drawer, so one day i got her out ready for scrapping and as luck will have it i had found a add from Angelo Amato and he did a 3d chassis for it so thought for £8 give it a try so, it duly arrived and i built the chassis up from spares , a inline pod i diid with ballraces in it , nice set of MRRC wheels and inserts , slot it gears , and for a treat a brand new 14k Jack Rabbit motor.

And what a transformation gone was the hop skip and jump, instead a fast stable slot car and fun to drive , decided it needed lowering and it went even better started worrying my Ferraris , so welcome back into the car box old girl.







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Looks good and love the new lower stance. We race these cars and have had great success on the stock chassis but I am sure the Amato is a step up. 

Podiums are for short people.

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Look great Chris, the XK's, and most of the Ninco classics were relegated to the bottom draw in the class they were in when the Fly Ferrari 250 LM was allowed in, some were still competitive, but most opted for the "straight out of the box" performance that the fly offered, made the class a bit boring with another one make class, but these and other 3D chassis look to be the answer to a new life for the bottom raw cars.

Feel free to put a link up for the chassis if you want   



Quickly read this post before it is deleted or i turn grey again



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