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Peter Gunn

Happy Chappy

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Had this body kit laying about for a while in the bottom drawer , so thought might as well do something with it , had all the bits except the chassis so got the latest one for this car , and of we went.

Chassis is fitted with a slot it sidewinder ballraced pod, motor is a 23 K slot it , gears are slot it sidewinder 11 x 34 wheels are Staffs red anodized, guide is a deep NSR one rear tyres are PG's xpg's, weighted 60 x 40 front bias.

The body i use Hycote double acrylic Ford Diamond white which i really like for a white bought 2 can's for £12 and so far sprayed 3 bodies with them and have enough left for the next project a 63 Galaxy.

Painted the drivers helmet and added the red striping , seems white and red is my favourite colouring at the moment, this car was built for our Friday night in the man garage just the missus and me so running with her number 20, we had a race last night she with this and me with a Policar P4 .

During the evening i found out a couple of things about the car , once it was run in it was B fast , and i had picked the wrong car as my P4 got slaughtered, and it was so stable last time i had one of these 2e's i didn't care much for it, how wrong was i , now gotta build her something a bit slower chuckle.















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Looks a treat, Peter....

Yes, a slower car deemed worthy....

However, if you want to handicap properly...... average out the result with both drivers driving each car.....




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